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Tip of the Day Be Wary of Mutual Funds

Be Wary of Mutual Funds - Mutual funds for years have been a safe investment option if you are going to invest your money, but lately these investments are not...

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About TeenAnalyst

About TeenAnalyst.com
A little info about us and how this site came about...

In April 1999, three teenagers from Bourbonnais, Illinois decided to create a print newsletter that would educate teens about the stock market.  Due to rising printing and mailing costs, the teens decided to change the focus from print to the internet.  They figured that the internet would open their idea up to more people; and do so cheaply, too!  It was at that point that TeenAnalyst.com was born.

TeenAnalyst.com's success is half-intended and half-luck. We always wanted to create a website that would educate others our age, but we were pretty lucky that we got in when we did, which was right when the young investor trend began to take off. Now in its fifth year, TeenAnalyst.com has helped educate over 600,000 young investors (and adults) across the country. So you would expect us to have nice, comfortable offices, beautiful secretaries, and money bulging out of our pockets, right?  Wrong!  To this day, the website is still run out of Chris Stallman's 11x12 dorm room at the University of Michigan.  Perhaps someday we'll have a large, spacious office.

Advisory Board

In June 2002, we put together a small advisory board consisting mostly of teenagers. The job of the advisory board is to help guide us in creating a successful site. Anytime we have an issue we'd like an opinion on or are considering adding something new to the site, we ask them. And as you can see in the list below, our advisors come from some of the most prestigious universities in the country. We're quite proud of them.

    TeenAnalyst.com Advisory Board

    Join Our Advisory Board! Are you interested in having your voice heard?  Consider our advisory board... Here at TeenAnalyst.com, we like to get the input of our readers. We have put together an advisory board of students across the country that...

    About Charles Worthman

    About Charles Worthman A little information about Charles Worthman, who is on our advisory board. Name: Charles Worthman Age: 20 College Currently Attending: Brooklyn College Major: Business Management and Finance College Plans: I ...

    About Chris Stallman

    About Chris Stallman A little information about Chris Stallman, the founder of TeenAnalyst.com Chris was one of the original founders of TeenAnalyst. He pretty much does everything for the site. His roles include the following: -Design and maintain the site -Market the site -Partnerships -Media relations Age: ...

    About Dan Bassett

    About Dan Bassett A little information about Dan Bassett, who is on our advisory board. Name: Dan Bassett Age: 21 College Currently Attending: University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, IL. Major: Physics College Plans: BS in physics Where you see yourself in...

    About Danny Miliaresis

    About Danny Miliaresis A little information about Danny Miliaresis, who is a contributing writer. Name: Danny "GEKKO" Miliaresis Age: 19 College Currently Attending: Rowan University Major: Finance College Plans: Currently in Rowan's College of Business, concentrating in finance. Where you see yourself in ...

    About Dan Schuster

    About Dan Schuster A little information about Dan Schuster, who is a contributing writer. Name: Dan Schuster Age: 21 College Currently Attending: University of Michigan Major: Pursuing a bachelors of business administration (BBA) with a dual concentration in finance and accounting....

    Facts about Your Teenanalyst.com

    Facts About the Site Here's a quick look at some interesting facts about TeenAnalyst.com... Over the years, TeenAnalyst.com has grown, both in readership and content.  This website is the product of nearly five years of work and tons of support from...

    About Jodi Cash

    About Jodi Cash A little information about Jodi Cash, who now runs our advisory board. Name: Jodi Cash Age: 19 College Currently Attending: Bryant College Major: Marketing & Finance College Plans: Looking forward to completing my marketing and finance majors and...

    TeenAnalyst.com Media Recognition

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    TeenAnalyst's Timeline

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    Heterogeneous – Heterogeneous is a broad term that refers to individuals, items, companies, industries, etc. that are dissimilar from each other while still pertaining to a larger whole.  The opposite of heterogeneous is homogeneous, which encompasses similar objects within a group.  Outside of economics and business, heterogeneous can also be...

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