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Tip of the Day Sign Up for Medicare

Sign Up for Medicare - Because there are many benefits to doing so, you should remember it is wise to sign up for Medicare even before you turn sixty-five and...

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Marketing Linux Skills

Q:Been working long in Linux & Open Source Solution as a techi. , I thought: "Let me try to sell my Linux skills to small companies" (having 5-10 networked pc's). I decided to prepare a marketing leaflet, so that I can start with distributing, while hoping I hear from the companies. What do you think of the below Linux Marketing leaflet?? What text/sentence would you add/delete in order to attract a client?

A:In a small company, the owner will be making those sorts of decisions. With a few exceptions (and maybe you can play to these niches): His computers are an annoyance he has to deal with, he hasn't heard of Sasser, he doesn't know how to open an attachment if he has one, he assumes his secretary updates whatever needs to be updated, or he doesn't think of his half dozen PC's as an "IT network", thinking of them as a cost he has to put up with. Now there will probably be more than a few who will have heard of VPN's and firewalls. They won't know what they are, but they -might- think they are "cool". Again, this will be a narrow niche, but it might be one you could break into. For most small businesses, though, the only way you will sell something to them is by telling them how you are going to reduce their costs. Talk to them in dollars and cents. That is your customer's language. Maybe explain the advantage of having a local email server to pull messages from the ISP's server to store locally, or convince them of getting their own domain for email at least so they look more professional. You may be able to sell them on having a local email server that could even run on dialup and pull their messages from a web host. It shouldn't be hard to find small companies still using @comcast.net or @aol.com addresses. You need to rethink your potential customer base IMHO. Linux is intimidating to non-techies. Besides, the benefits of Linux such as scalability, reliability, and security are small issues, or non-issues, to small business owners. Their needs are met relatively well with Windows, and the owners are probably more familiar with Windows. This is not a knock against Linux. IMO, Linux is best left to medium and larger companies that need strong back end computing. Remember too, that Linux can be time-consuming and difficult to administer. You will be dealing with a wide range of situations. You should think about doing market research before you hang your head out, it can be as informal as talking to some buisness owners. The important thing is to get a good objective idea of what needs exist. Remember, the goal of business is to find needs and fill them.

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Now there will probably be more than a few who will have heard of VPN's and firewalls.

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Linux Marketing leaflet?? What text/sentence would you add/delete in order to attract a client?

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Interest-On-Interest Component - Interest-On-Interest Component is the portion of a stock certificate security's total returns that result from the stockholder reinvesting of the income generated by that stock certificate security. In the case of bonds, it refers to the stockholders reinvestment of the coupon interest received until the original bond...

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