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Tip of the Day Refinance Your Mortgage if You Can Cut At Least One Point

Refinance Your Mortgage if You Can Cut At Least One Point - Refinancing a mortgage only makes good sense if you are going to save more than 1% on the...

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Using Press Releases For Online Marketing

Q:For those small business owners that want to see how a press release can bring prospects to your business - let's find out together. I own a home based business designing and creating custom rugs for homes and businesses. Last year I sent a press release to the The Chicago Tribune describing the introduction of an exclusive line of rug designs I created.

A:Now be prepared to handle the business that this write-up will generate. Are you ready to triple your output? Better start looking for associates or contractors who can perform what you have developed. Now, when you start getting inquiries, keep them on a database, then regularly send those prospects useful information and updates about your rugs, and that will help your business to continue to flow. You should also work with other related businesses, to promote each others complimentary products, such as bathroom installers and the like. One of my favorite subjects! I have a network of similar type businesses as partners - landscape lighting companies, landscapers, custom furniture makers, architects, interior designers -etc. Was able to hook up a prospect with an architect - who in turn recommended me back to create some custom rugs. The hard part in all this is the waiting. The reporter said she has no control over when the feature will run - but it only appears in the Sunday paper on the front page of the "Home" section. I have been lucky enough to land two other stories in local newspapers in the past, and the reporters could not tell me the exact date when those stories would appear either. Several people have asked me how I wrote the release. I highly recommend the book by Kay Borden - "Bulletproof News Releases". Great book for small businesses. Check amazom.com

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