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Tip of the Day Bunch your Deductions into One Year

Bunch your Deductions into One Year - Every year it gets harder to do your taxes and receive a return, but part of good planning is to make sure that...

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Marketing For a Coach

Q:I have a problem. Maybe someone here can help. I am a self-esteem coach. I have recently gone from coaching folks on a volunteer basis with my mailing list, self-esteem-self-help, to owning a coaching by phone service. I coached a businessman to make the leap from a volunteer position to one paying $12,000/MONTH. I coached a collegiate who, in the space of 2 hours, went from depressed confusion to a plan to reduce her coursework and deal appropriately with her longstanding depression. My problem is that I don't know how to locate the people who would be interested in my service and be willing to pay me enough so I could make an honest living.

A:I don't see a web site in your sig file. Why aren't you touting these accomplishments on the net? If you're not starving to death right now, you could tout your services in a well constructed site, field respondents, state your capabilities and fees and then accept appropriate assignments. first You will need more self-esteem (heheheh). This is not meant as a joke. I've seen lots of people who could help or sell for others but not for themselves. Believe in the worth of your services and ask your price! You could offer a sort of 'satisfaction garantueed' kinda deal - or even money back. To check this you'd have to make two quastionaires - one 'before' and one 'after' so you can show the difference you've achieved! Check out http://www.coachfederation.org, which is the Int'l Coach Federation, a virtual organization boasting membership of over 2000. It allows you the opportunity to become part of their searchable database, and at the present, membership is free. Then place their URL in your sig file. Join a local networking organization (such as a leads group, chamber, etc.). I have gained several of my coaching clients through this manner. Write some articles or give presentations about coaching. It is a relatively new "industry" and few people are aware of how coaching truly differs from therapy, consulting, and training. If you are the first coach people read about or see, chances are good they will look to you for help. It's not as if you can open up the yellow pages and look for coaches! Make contact with other coaches in your area. You're trying to broaden your entire market, not steal clients from each other, so cooperation could be the way to go for now. Then, try approaching the lifestyle desk at your local paper. I've just recently seen a few major articles on coaching. You can take the lead, but including other local coaches in your pitch makes it more newsworthy. Do the same with TV news, as well as small suburban papers. As Raman suggested, you could write your own article, or simply pitch the story. Take out some small, cheap ads. Try classifieds in local magazines, your Sunday newspaper magazine (NOT the regular Sunday classifieds) local business publications, small suburban papers . Test a few, see how they work, try something else. I'm not precisely clear on what a coach does... which might be precisely this person's "in" for publicity when writing articles or seeking TV or radio interviews. What does he do that's different from what anyone else out there is doing? Why do people need a self-esteem coach? What's his success rate? If it's high, a good PR consultant could probably get him booked all over the place.

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