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Pay Your Bills On Time - We all get behind on our bills every once in a while, but when it becomes a constant practice it starts to cost us...

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Home Business Plan

Q:I need to find a text or resource in helping me write a business plan for my boss. This would be a two year, five-year, and ten year business plan for an existing but growing business. I have seen templates and resources for business plans for fledgling or start-up companies, but this is not what I need. Can anybody help me in this regard?

A:I would recommend Nolo Press "How to Write a Business Plan". It is not too long and contains all of the basics. I used it when i started my business and it got me started on the right track. However, there is much that it doesn't say in the way of writing and analyzing the finacials. That is an on-going process that is absolutely critical to a business. If your business is not a start-up then you have access to the historical performance of the business. This will need to be collected and analyzed. Then projection can be made based on past performance and future plans. Nearly every book or template out there has information on how to write a business plan if you are a start-up. Some have advise for on-going companies. I have found that resources for businesses in my community have been the most helpful for me when re-writing my business plan (something I have been doing annually for four years). In Tucson Arizona, Pima Community College sponsors a Small Business Resource Center with a business library and staff of paid consultants that advise clients, like me, for free. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of resources like this in your area. A business plan is for a start-up; first and foremost to put one's idea to paper in a structured manner so that almost everything is covered. Second, it is used for EXTERNAL means as to seeking finance; bank, etc. A business plan is also created for fledgling companies - Ch11. A strategic plan is for "going concerns", also a navigation chart that one must change course when need be in order to achieve the desired results. It is used for INTERNAL means providing company direction as well as that of the SBUs. Done on an annual basis, it includes 2, 5 , 10 (whatever) year plans, depending on influences by industry, economic, and market factors. I don't believe there are templates available for strategic plans as MOST small businesses do not have this annual conclave -ritual. Maureen, assuming it's a small business, I suggest you do the following; (1) Go to http://www.nijenrode.nl/mbmm/marchive.html and download Business Plan Master (bpm.zip) (2) On the same page click on "External and Internal Analysis" and save. (3) Go to the library (preferably b-library) and check out a couple of books on strategic plan(ning). Once you are ready, in the template, delete the obvious that would be of interest to a bank or other financial means. Add-in the EXIN analysis. This should give you a good structure to begin and add as you see relevant. Each of the Big Six accounting firms have rather detailed booklets telling what should be in a business plan. Their Entrepreneurial Services groups typically charge low rates (for them) to help entrepreneurs. Here's the Coopers & Lybrand Web site to get you started: http://www.colybrand.com/industry/hitech/pubs.html

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