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Tip of the Day Consider Community College or Online College For Your First Year or Two

Consider Community College or Online College For Your First Year or Two - If you are finding you need the education but don't have the funds, or want to take...

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Online Business FAQ

    Generating New Business

    Q:I am a professional hypnotherapist based in the UK and have been in private practice for about the past 3 years. Only recently have I begun to take the business side of things seriously and I am now very keen to get to grips finding creative ways to generate new business. I have many ideas for generating new business but lack basic understanding on how to put these ideas into practice. A:"What I recommend you do is determine what's your sales territory (a.k.a. pull range). What's its radius? Take out...

    Business Page Opinions

    Q:I'm a web designer for ISM, a Pittsburgh area Internet Consulting firm. We are planning to expand on our Business Pages (a listing of clients for which we've done work). Since we're always looking to help their pages gain exposure, I'm looking for some input. What do you (as a consumer or business user) look for in directories or lists? If you were a company listed on the ISM Business Pages, what would you want us to include as an incentive or attraction? A:You are entering a VERY crowded market -...

    Changing Bank Name

    Q:Our client is a community bank with the city name in the bank's name. They will be buying several banks in neighboring markets (different cities). What do you do with the names of banks you buy? (1) change to buying bank's name, (2) change to generic name, (3) keep original name. I am looking for an established methodology for measuring the customer equity associated with the current names, and estimating the impact of changing the names. Any ideas? A:Each of your options has been used. Another option is to keep the original name and use the purchased bank's name as the...

    E-mail Marketing

    Q:My problem is in finding names and email addresses for companies that manufacture (design) products from high tech to aircraft. I tried doing it by hand with Yahoo Business, D&B, Fortune, etc. but could not seem to find a way to get what I wanted. A:I've gotten to the point where I don't even open email that come from a source that I don't already do business with - I simple don't consider email to be a medium for sales pitches. Unless I contact a company first requesting information, anything they may send will simply be deleted. Spam is even affecting...

    Effective Online Marketing Advice

    Q:I know from bitter experience that shoppers rarely read anything other than perhaps the odd headline, so how on earth can I ever get all this information across to them? A:I'm involved in a product you can see here -> www.remotestand.com Now there is good news and bad news about the product. First the good news: a. It works extremely effectively, people who use it do report that they no longer lose their remotes. I haven't heard a single report of a person getting fed up with it and removing it. b. When people have the device fully explained to them...

    How to Start an Online Business

    Q:I am starting a small business doing web design and graphics. I have very little money to work with and need some advice on how to get my name out there. Cold calling is out. I won't do it. A:How about a blastin' print ad that touts a very good deal for a one page web for small business owners to have first time web presence. This will allow biz owners to get on the web to begin with for a low price, let them feel the waters for those who are "iffy about it", gives you small projects, and lures...

    Small Business Marketing on The Web

    Q:I was recently asked to provide a checklist of things a small-medium size business must look for when choosing a web site designer. Given that there are so many people out there claiming to be web designers/developers, their prices are so variable, and there is no web site designer certification to speak of, could any of you give me some pointers as to what qualifies a person as a good designer? Obviously, moving on to marketing on the web can involve a huge expense for a small business, and we don't want...

    Marketing Plan Examples

    Q:I am currently in the process of writing our company's marketing plan (Alphanumerica is a Web development company), and any added perspective would be a big help. Does anyone know any sources for this? Or, if you have ideas yourself, and would not mind emailing me, it would be most appreciated. A:Some weeks ago, another person asked for examples of marketing plans to be posted here. As I expected, nothing appeared. Such plans are core to any business, they are not lightly disclosed to anybody, and certainly not to a possible competitor. So I think you may be a little too...

    Help Building Website Traffic

    Q:www.cinnominmarketing.com I have this website that I have been working on since April this year. I just started to get links this month, but I do not see the traffic that I would like to see. Any suggestions? A:My initial impression is that you just have a few pages that come from the GRQ (get rich quick) schemes you see all over the place on the Internet. You have health supplements, MLM's and some kind of ad for government seized property -- each of which raise an eyebrow. Try to find one area in which you have a lot of knowledge...

    Pick an Online Business To Start

    Q:I am going to start an online company, but have not figured out what would be the best small biz to start. I have spent many hours researching this topic but coming up empty on feedback. I have considered things I know, satellite tv, cable tv products, information marketing(how to reports) etc.... A:I would recommend that you also participate in the Microbiz Discussion Group. We participate and have had many good discussion about small online business opportunities, like - Information Brokering, Data Mining, Internet Marketing, etc. To join the Microbiz Discussion Group and to see some great small business resources, go...

    Targeting Corporate Marketing Executives

    Q:Does anyone have any experience with, or advice for, targeting corporate marketing executives online? My services fill a need in corporate marketing departments, but I haven't found a good way of reaching them online. I can market to small businesses all day long on the web, but the corporate guys use the web in a different way (if at all). A:My opinion when working with "executives" who already get too much email, is to send my letter using one of the cheper, but good, Internet to Fax gateways. I use Faxaway.com,...

    Importing Ethnic Clothing Online Marketing

    Q:I recently started the business of importing ethnic clothing and accessories from India to US. The main reason why I started this business was because I heard a few friends mention how they were bored of clothes and styles from Old Navy and Filenes. A:1) Looking at the current version of the website, what is your first impulse? What do you think can be changed to make better impressions? 2) The other problem that I am facing is limitations in the market. I live an hour away from Boston, and I think that if I were able to get a market...

    Homepage Copy Evaluations

    Q:Anyone with any idea as to which of these is best or if you have any other idea as to how we can reach our target market (equipment dealers & resellers) I would appreciate any info you wish to share. Also, if you have the time could you evaluate the copy on our homepage? Looking at our logs we get a lot of people hitting the index page, but to many people are not going further into the site. We hired a consultant to help us put up the site but now I think we need to re-word it. Any...

    Public Relations Marketing

    Q:We have retained a PR firm. They have presented us an elaborate plan that includes news releases of things like new hires, client wins, etc. A:Some of things they suggest (such as by lined articles) we think can generate leads. However, some of the things they are suggesting seem like fluff. Generating leads is our goal. We don't really feel the need to tell the media every time we hire someone or buy a new copy machine or something. :-) Any thoughts on PR and its value? Should we ask for a stripped down PR plan that just includes lead generating...

    Marketing Clothing Online

    Q:I have designed a product to be sold to men/woman that is a very normal item of clothing but has a definitely unique feature. I would like to sell it over the net, at "parties", and possibly retail stores that would carry a line similar to Fredericks of Hollywood or Fantasy Fashions. While I have much sales and marketing expertise, I know nothing of retail pricing. Like, if it costs $20 to produce, what should it sell for? Is there an inexpensive way to get a credit card web service. I've been quoted $1500 for software and fees of about...

    Questions On New Venture

    Q:Just wondering a few things and thought with the brain trust here, it'd be a perfect place to ask... 1. Can you incorporate online? If so, where? 2. Where can I find out more information on investors? Angels? Individuals? 3. How do you go about doing an IPO on the web? Any resources? 4. If you are in the process of getting a business name trademarked (the TM office says it's 2 years behind currently) what happens if you are using the same name as someone else? Will you have to change it after 2 years? A:The precedent for Trade mark...

    Unsecured Small Business Capital Loans

    Q:Here's a very strange coincidence. If you go to the site that you are asking for "advice" on, and then go to domain name in your return email address, it's the same web page. Isn't that odd? Plus, the same web page has all kinds of other get rich quick schemes on it and no business address, phone number or other way to contact you other than an email address to yet another domain. Very peculiar indeed. A:For the rest of you who might have been tempted to investigate this fabulous opportunity, be cautious of these kind of things. There are...

    Unfair UPS Charges

    Q:I sell a small, lightweight, inexpensive product of my own design from my home-based business. In the past, I've used UPS to ship, and was pleased with their prices and level of service. This satisfaction, however, has dropped recently, for a few reasons. I'm hoping that you can commiserate with me, or tell me if I'm off base. A:This extra dollar is a burden, because my product costs just $6.95, and weighs just a bit over a pound with packaging. Shipping from here in California to the east cost on a residential delivery costs me $5.12 now. How can I charge...

    What Are The Most Important Business Challenges?

    Q:Few would dispute that many businesses today face unprecedented difficulty, change, and paradoxically: opportunity. For some time now we have been examining how we might be of best marketing help to smaller, growing businesses with the ambition to succeed. A:I'd be grateful for feedback from business owners and marketing professionals in the following areas: * Which are the most challenging areas you face in doing business today? * Given information "overload" and the plethora of business advisors, what areas could be better covered? *How do you feel about sharing your experiences with your marketing peers, hopefully to shorten the learning curve?...

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    Definition of the Day Residual Security

    Residual Security - Residual Security is both an interesting and, very effective tool used by many investors and, businessmen in the business industry for diluting the earnings per share on initial stock issued. This is a common practice within the business community in order to increase the number of shares...

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