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Tip of the Day Don't Use Insurance As An Investment Vehicle

Don't Use Insurance As An Investment Vehicle - For the most part many of us carry insurances that we don't need to. You should never use whole life insurance...

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Effective Online Marketing Advice

Q:I know from bitter experience that shoppers rarely read anything other than perhaps the odd headline, so how on earth can I ever get all this information across to them?

A:I'm involved in a product you can see here -> www.remotestand.com Now there is good news and bad news about the product. First the good news: a. It works extremely effectively, people who use it do report that they no longer lose their remotes. I haven't heard a single report of a person getting fed up with it and removing it. b. When people have the device fully explained to them they like it and will buy it. Now the bad news: a. Given a cursory glance at the device, most people incorrectly assume that it's a place to put your remote at the end of the day when you've finished using it. A place to put your remote at the end of the day is a very unexciting idea. b. People can not easily imagine how effective it will be without having it explained to them the many ways in which it works. I'd better explain the 4 reasons it's so effective. 1. People often struggle to find their remotes even when their remote is in direct line of sight. This is because remotes tend to just blend in to the background. The remotestand fixes this. 2. The remotestand acts as an anchor and stops it from falling between sofa cushions. 3. The remotestand stops remotes sliding under narrow spaces underneath furniture. 4. Remotes often get lost because you accidentally cover them with newspapers or magazines. With a remotestand this would never happen. I would suggest that at least part of the problem is in the product name. A stand, at least to me, is something you set things on (and take them off of). Maybe something along the lines of remote-saver or remote-defender or the like will help people get past that first impression. I see you have invested in the domain name, but if another name works better, cut the cord early. Try a test of several names and see which one gets the idea across to your testers the fastest. You lead your product description with "Find your remote quickly", implying it still gets lost. How about "Stop looking for your remote!" or the like to get the idea across early. This is not a clap your hands and your remote will beep or similar product - your solution avoids the problem in the first place. One thing, locate the fellow who thinks it's appropriate to sell your product by spamming (I've seen ads for your product in several newsgroups other than this one) and fire his ass and let it be known to everybody that he spammed that you have done so. I was tempted to order one based on your Web site, until I saw the spam--I don't do business with spammers unless I have no other option and a lot of others feel the same way.

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