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Tip of the Day Keep at Lease Three Month's Worth of Living Expenses in a Savings Account or High-Yield Money Market Account

Keep at Lease Three Month's Worth of Living Expenses in a Savings Account or High-Yield Money Market Account - Because we need to rely on our emergency funds during time...

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Small Business FAQ

    Marketing A Band

    Q:Does anyone have any good ideas for getting strangers (new people) to come watch a band they have never heard of?? A hook? I have an up and coming all original rock n soul band, and I want to build a huge following in southern california....and I need help!! Marketing Ideas :) It's great music, and I have some great ideas for an outlandish show, but I need to get people there to see it. Here's my site so you can see what we're all about. http://www.televisionchild.com A:First, when I tried to listen to some samples, I was redirected to the...

    Business On The Web

    Q:I am writing a study about Business on the internet: booking systems, payment possibilities, security topics like; sending credit card information over the net, etc ... A:The World Wide Web is a very effective business tool when used properly. Indeed, the use of the web, in conjunction with traditional methods of marketing and advertising, can substantially increase a firm's business. Unfortunately, there are many companies who wish to perpetuate the myth that the web is the greatest thing since sliced bread for *every* company in the world. We have a whole host...

    Small Business Plan Templates

    Q:I need to find a text or resource in helping me write a business plan for my boss. This would be a two year, five-year and ten year business plan for an existing but growing business. I have seen templates and resources for business plans for fledgling or startup companies, but this is not what I need. Can anybody help me in this regard? A:I would recommend Nolo Press "How to Write a Business Plan". It is not too long, and contains all of the basics. I used it when i started my...

    Advice For Dealing With Boss

    Q:I'm having a heck of a time with my company which is extremely conservative, and doesn't understand the Internet, and yet they hired me to revamp their site & get the ball rolling. The problem is: They know nothing about the Web and refuse to listen to research and my experience. Basically, they don't know how much they don't know. What's worse is that our Snr Tech guy works on a 486 and asked me where Program Manager was in windows 95!!!! EEEEkkk! Anyway, I was curious to know if any other Internet Marketing professionals are experiencing the same problem. A:I'm...

    Getting New Clients

    Q:I run a small part-time computer training business and it's going good so far, but I would like to know or neat and innovative ways to get new clients/students and maintain them. Right now most of my students I get from word of mouth, advertising in the local paper, flyers etc. A:Something that has worked well for me is to put together a series of seminars of varying lengths (30 minute, 1 hour etc) and approach local business groups. I offer to give a free talk to their members, in which I give good information and advice, and softsell my services....

    Billboard Advertising Designs

    Q:PLEASE give me some feedback so I can make an informed decision. Please IGNORE, the fonts, layout, design etc as I will get the final professionally designed. The wording will be given some more thought too. Just comment on the theme / idea. Please offer comments on the general idea and if you think it will work for an IT company, on a large billboard on a busy road into the city centre. A:I'm no marketing expert but if you're targeting small to medium sized businesses with no...

    Promoting a Mail Order Business

    Q:I've been posting ads in the "for sale" and "market" newsgroups whenever I can. During my first year of business (in 1996), I had four sales which totaled something like $40.00 . My expenses were in the hundreds (I think around a thousand $) . I used to send out e-mail to every address that I could find, but I later learned that this is a bad thing to do. What really bothers me with this is that it seems like everyone else can fill my e-mail with their ads, but I'm not allowed to send mine out! I need...

    How Do I Do Online Transactions

    Q:I am in the process of settig up an online company that will offer a service over the net. I would like to do all transactions online. I have the ability to create my pages (see link below), but need help making the actual financial transactions. A:The 'Microsoft Press' publication, "Understanding Electronic Commerce", written by David Kosiur, is an excellent book that will offer insight into handling financial transactions and other business matters online. I agree with Matt Eliason. I only see a page for open forum with a strong political presence, unless the site you're speaking of isn't online yet....

    Improving Lead Ratio From Website

    Q:I've done a pretty good job of bringing traffic to my site and got about 1200 visitors this month to a particular page. The page is at new URL which can only be reached if somebody clicks on one of my ads. A:- 82% of the people who visit this page don't click through to another page. - 83% spend 30s or less, and another 10% spend between 30 & 60s. - I get three or four inquiries a week, which is about 1% of the people who visit that page. Bottom line is that I'm only getting three or four...

    Advantages of Full Employee

    Q:I am an accounts manager in a small marketing company based in New York City. Working in a small business, means I take care of all existing accounts as well as engage in sales to bring in new ones. My boss proposed that I recruit one or two more employees and build a sales team to help lessen the load. A:1) As grunts. They can do grunt work for your staff that is boring. The intern won't be bored since they've never done it before. Or at the very least, they'll get bored more slowly and understand why they're given such...

    Environment Marketing Information

    Q:I wonder if anyone can give me some advice on how to approach organizing information about exterior events, competitors' actions, etc. so it can be easily used during strategic planning. What I am trying to do is eventually get such variables into Forecast Pro (a time-series analysis package) to ascertain their impact on sales. The problem is, we don't have anyone dedicated to intelligence, competitive or not (I just realised how bad that sounds) (I just realised that it's not that inaccurate :-) Various departments will have to contribute to the database, e.g., Communications about outside ad campaigns, the product...

    Marketing A Web Design Business

    Q:Long time reader, first time poster. I have started a web design business on the side, thus far I've been working mostly locally and by word of mouth, but as I am running out of friends in need I'm looking to do some advertising. I think my marketing background is something that sets me apart from most designers and am trying to take that approach. Obviously, my budget is limited but I was curious to see if anyone has much success marketing a design business and what did you find to work the best, online or off? Currently I'm doing...

    Writing Strategic Marketing Plans Help

    Q:I am the manager of a new company and am looking for resources on writing and planning Marketing Plans. Can anyone help, point me in the right direction etc. A:There's some pretty good software available that contains word processor and spreadsheet templates for most of the possible planning required by marketing managers. It's called MarketingBuilder by Jian Software. They also make PublicityBuilder, A similar PR tool. I've found them useful and certainly worth the price. although i do like and enjoy reading Levinson's "Guerilla" Marketing series i can't believe...

    How Spam Effects Small Business

    Q:Regardless of your feelings on, or definitions of, SPAM. My question is a bit more simple: Does it work? Does sending out unsolicited bulk email increase business? Do spammers actually make money. About two or three times a year a news service like 'Wired' will post an article about how Spam works, but it feels to me that every one of those articles is based on the same original article, and that one was specious. So, does anyone on this list have hard facts of Spam working? A:I too once asked the same question. I found the following URL: http://www.claws-and-paws.com/spam/burn.shtml Which...

    New Business Venture

    Q:I'm about to start a business transporting mainly Classic Cars around the country, delivering to Customers, picking customer vehicles up for exhibitions, etc. The service I am offering will be unique as the trailer I am having made is being crafted in wood, 21 feet long, 8 feet wide and 7 feet high. It is totally enclosed. Near enough Vandal proof, and thief proof, It is not plywood! I will also be offering vehicle storage A:"First, get experience managing a business like the one you want to open BEFORE you open your own. Do NOT open a business you've never managed...

    Outside Sales

    Q:My Computer business has been going for about 6 years. Last year, I had my best year because i hired a technician that turned out to be a selling fool. He was bringing in deals like mad! I have since lost him, and now i have a real problem. My sales dropped from 1.3M to about 600k. I can't really afford to do anything but hire on commission due to this tremendous hole I've gotten into. I realize that i can't afford not to hire someone to handle the street sales, but is there some way to offer a great...

    Radio Advertising Analysis

    Q:Is radio worth the dollars spent? And should it be in my media mix? Here's my line of business, please give me your thoughts. It's retail seafood company, with several locations in the city area. Established, almost as a brand of seafood. However, have lost customers due to aging store & new competition. We are having complete facelift done by summer. A:Do you sell fresh fish to be cooked at home, meals, or both. Is there a take-out (HMR) component? In other words, at what point in the day...

    Targeting My Audience

    Q:I have a website that's been up for about six months now. The only form of online marketing I've done is 100,000 banner impressions(non targeted), major search engine registration, and some link exchanging. I am about to venture into opt-in e-mail marketing and/or e-zine advertising. Can I get some input on my site and who my best target market is? The obvious answers would be home businesses, small business, and entrepreneurs. Also, any recommendations on who to go through would be appreciated. A:It just so happens your post was aptly timed. Just today I was...

    Gaining New Clients With a Website

    Q:After a fair amount of elbow grease, our website is finally on line! Please check it out at http://www.shpvideo.com. Constructive suggestions are welcome. The goals of the site are to gain new clients by: A:1) Helping them feel comfortable with the idea of having a video done for them. To many people, the videomaking process is mysterious and intimidating. I contend that the projects will be won by those who make the process seem the most "user-friendly." On the site, I hope to do this by explaining video in plain English and by showing how others have used our services. Client...

    What Is The Difference Between Marketing Executive And Sales Executive?

    Q:I would like to promote a product through small business. I wanted to know: What is the difference between Marketing executive, and Sales executive? I wanted to know who does what, do I need both or only one type? Basically, I have very good technical knowledge about the product. I can give the demo and I can provide Tech support. I don't know anything about Sales and Marketing. Really, I need help about S&M, appreciated guys. A:I'm going to simplify this to my own meager understanding of the matter. Marketing is what gets...

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    Definition of the Day Zero-coupon Bond

    Definition: A bond that doesn't pay interest but is sold at a deep discount.  The investor profits from the bond going up in value (kind of like ...

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