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Tip of the Day Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient - There are many ways to save money around your home. These can range anywhere from insulating your hot water tank to prevent...

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Q:PLEASE give me some feedback so I can make an informed decision. Please IGNORE, the fonts, layout, design etc as I will get the final professionally designed. The wording will be given some more thought too. Just comment on the theme / idea. Please offer comments on the general idea and if you think it will work for an IT company, on a large billboard on a busy road into the city centre.

A:I'm no marketing expert but if you're targeting small to medium sized businesses with no in-house IT staff I like it. My main concern with using that on a billboard would be whether at that location there'd be enough view time for the whole message to get through. If it's on a high speed road which usually has light traffic it may be too long. I think the message is too long. People driving by won't have enough time to read it. Also, if you're targeting business owners, you might be better off putting an ad in a business magazine or joining a business group (and offering your free systems check). That way, a) more of the people who see your ad will be the people you want to reach and b) you will have more time to talk to them directly. You don't have a billboard ad there but a print ad. People need to take in your entire message within one second for a billboard ad. ONE second. Do you think an IT business like yours can make a sale in one second? I don't think so. I would recommend you instead advertise in your local newspaper in its business section and/or in your local business magazine (saying you have one locally). I would also recommend you work up a speech that you can give to an audience of business owners and then ask to give it to local business groups. Have your wife hand out flyers as people enter. On the "top" side (the side that faces up when your wife hands them out) of the flyer tells what your talk is going to be about (giving bullets of your main points) and on the other side gives essentially an ad for your business with a tear-off part that they can fill out if they would like you to contact them. Make sure no bullet is on the other side of the tear-off part or people might not do so to keep that information in tact. You then have a sizeable box with "Contact Forms" written on it and at the end of your speech, you tell those that would like you to contact them to fill out the small tear-off part and drop it into the big box next to the exit door. The next business day, you then simply call up those that filled out the contact form and set up a meeting with them. Wham! Bam! You've got clients. :-) I agree the headline is weak. Make it a statement rather than an question, which makes it more active voice: Owners Gamble Their Business Every Day. Try to reduce everything. The generally accepted norm used to be 20/20, meaning twenty words or twenty seconds. That, I believe has drastically shortened, and on a Billboard, its more like 5/5. The mixed metaphors may or may not be a problem, since these days many people are accustomed to seeing billboard relating gambling to addiction. So a "health check" in association with "gambling" is not necessarily an unfamiliar message.

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rushanessay com said:

Decisions should be made with personal experience. Small business success is based on the customer satisfaction and lower rates in services. I think this article is quite thinkable before taking a decisions.

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