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Tip of the Day Consider Community College or Online College For Your First Year or Two

Consider Community College or Online College For Your First Year or Two - If you are finding you need the education but don't have the funds, or want to take...

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    What Is The Difference Between Marketing Executive And Sales Executive?

    Q:I would like to promote a product through small business. I wanted to know: What is the difference between Marketing executive, and Sales executive? I wanted to know who does what, do I need both or only one type? Basically, I have very good technical knowledge about the product. I can give the demo and I can provide Tech support. I don't know anything about Sales and Marketing. Really, I need help about S&M, appreciated guys.

    A:I'm going to simplify this to my own meager understanding of the matter. Marketing is what gets the customer to walk in the door. Sales is what gets him to buy something after he walks in. Both are essential, but often very different in approach. Whether you need one or both depends on what you're good at, and on what kind of talent you run into and how much budget you have. I cannot give you an education in either sales or marketing here in one column of text. That is like saying: "I need some help with brain surgery, but I don't know anything about medicine. Can you help me about being a doctor?" Sales and marketing are skill areas just like a medical doctor in that they have both scientific and practice areas. And like medicine, not everyone who knows the skills is going to be good at practice. Some people just cannot make the phone calls that are needed, and others are not good at smoozing. Your best bet would be to buy a dummies book. There has to be a "sales for dummies" out there. For the next step, check out some audio tape lessons from some of the masters like Tom Hopkins or Zig Ziglar. Then, if you really want to get into this field, enroll in a program at your local college or university. The terms are pretty close. The marketing executive is more of the "Big Picture" person. They come up with sales planning, advertisng campaigns, advertising campaigns. The sales executive is usually responsible the actual sales, managing the sales staff, getting products in the stores, working with production. As you can see the two are usually linked together. I posted a job description for a marketing manager and a sales manager below.

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    Definition of the Day Price Transparency

    Price Transparency - Price transparency is the degree to which information about trading of stocks is available. Stock indexes are the trading firms, providing this information. If the transparency is high, the public can see the range of bid and ask prices for each stock. If the transparency is low,...

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