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10 Year Bond Market

The bond market is a fixed income market where people trade (buy and sell) bonds, which are debt securities. The bond market is split into a primary and secondary market. The primary market is where new bonds are sold; the issuer gets the money when bonds are sold. The secondary bond market is where bonds are traded like stocks. The domestic and foreign markets trade in marketable bonds, such as the 10 year bond. Bonds are similar to a promissory note; the government of a country issues marketable bonds and notes to raise money to pay off their debt. The money you pay for a 10 year bond is actually money you are loaning to the government and the government agrees to pay you back in full with interest by the time the bond matures.

Trillions of dollars a year are traded on the bond market. Over $900 billion a day is spent trading treasury bonds. Some of the most common bonds are 10 year bonds; however, there are bonds with 2 to 10 year maturities. You don't have to wait until a bond is mature to trade it. Bonds are securities that are traded on the government bond market, similarly to the way stocks and mutual funds can be traded. The New York Stock Exchange has a trading platform for marketable bonds.

Many countries don't have a centralized bond market, but the New York Stock Exchange is the largest bond exchange in the United States. Most traders are investors and dealers, which are part of the institutional market, and large blocks of bonds can be traded on the bond market. It is not uncommon for investors and dealers to trade more than a million dollars in bonds at one time.

When you purchase a 10 year bond from the bond market you should be concerned with the bond's coupon; the interest percentage the bond will accrue each year. The coupon is usually paid semi-annually, but it can be paid annually, monthly or quarterly. You also should be aware of what the bond will be worth at maturity, and what the price will be. The price will either be above, below or equal to the price at par. To purchase 10 year bonds on the market, you will need to make a bid.

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You don't have to wait until a bond is mature to trade it.You also should be aware of what the bond will be worth at maturity.

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The bond market is blooming as investor seek for more reliable investments. For example Elly Kleinman's Americare Companies this year has published its second set of 10 year bonds on the market.

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