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10 Yr Treasury Bond

The 10 yr Treasury Bond is also known as a Treasury Note. Most Treasury Bonds mature in 20 to 30 years, and the Treasury Notes mature in 2 to 10 years. Notes are the same as bonds, except they have shorter maturities. A treasury bond's price depends on the interest rate. If the interest rate increases, the price of bonds and notes will decrease. A 10 yr Treasury Bond matures in 10 years; Treasury bonds and notes are securities that pay you back the principal at maturity. Treasury bonds and notes also pay a coupon, which means that you get paid interest semiannually.

You can purchase a 10 yr Treasury Bond from a website like Treasury Direct, or from your local bank. If you buy from Treasury Direct, you will need to look under Treasury Note, because they only sell Treasury Bonds with a 30 year maturity. Treasury Bonds are good investments, even in an uncertain economy, because you can usually buy them below par.

You can increase your wealth by investing in 10 yr Treasury Bonds at different times throughout the year, so that they mature at different times. If you bought several hundred dollars worth of bonds every 3 months, you would have money coming in at the bonds' maturities throughout the year. If you invest your money quarterly every single year, by the times your bonds mature, you can have a good bit of return throughout the years to follow, which could be used for college tuition for your children, to pay off your home, to buy a car, or anything else you wish to do with the money.

If you want to purchase a 10 year bond, the price of the bond is set at the auction. You can buy 10 year treasury bonds in $100 increments, and the price could be slightly above, below, or equal to the par amount of the bond. You can buy 10 yr Treasury Bonds at Treasury Direct, but you will have to click on Treasury Notes, because Treasury Bonds' maturity dates are generally longer than 10 years. You can also buy Treasury bonds at your local bank and from brokers. Treasury Bonds and Treasury Notes and even Treasury Bills are very good investments, and they are fairly easy to trade because you don't need to wait until they mature to trade them.

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