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Bond Market Holidays

Trading the US dollar in its various forms can be a great career, source of income and fun for those that love to scour the markets. However, everyone needs a break even those that trade currencies. Although bonds are not regulated like the stock market since they are a form of currency trade and purchase they tend to observe the same holidays.

Bond market holidays tend to follow the stock market holidays meaning that trading either ceases early on the day or all together. Most public holidays are on the list of bond market holidays with a few additions that are worth noting.

The first Bond Market Holiday of the year is of course January 1st or New Years Day. The markets do no trading at all on this day. However it is worth noting that the trading markets close early on New Years Eve. Generally by 2 pm the day before trading ceases until it reopens at its usual time on the second of January.

Martin Luther King Day and President's Day are the next to follow, both bringing a Monday close on the respective dates. However the Friday before the markets do tend to close early again usually by 2pm in the afternoon.

The next bond market holiday on the calendar is Good Friday. An exact date can't be given due to the act that Easter is moves on a 6 week rotation. However on Good Friday the Markets are closed and an early lose is usually observed the day before on Thursday.

Memorial Day works similar to Martin Luther King Day. The Monday the markets are completely closed with an early ceasing of trade the Friday before. Independence Day or July 4th the markets are closed but to fact it moves through the week there isn't usually an early close the previous day. On Labor Day the markets are closed for the Monday but no early closure occurs on the preceding Friday. The same holds true for the next two bond market holidays which are Columbus Day and Veterans Day.

Thanksgiving Day the markets are closed but do re-open on the Friday after with an early close at 2 pm. Finally, Christmas day the markets are closed with an early closure on Christmas Eve.

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Good Fridays are always bond market holidays. Actually, I was not aware of this bond market holidays. Thank you for letting me knows about this. The bond market holiday lists are very few in the internet. Christmas day market are closed at 2 pm.

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