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Bond Market Information

With all the economic turmoil and volatile state of the stock market caused by the world wide recession who weathered the storm with the least amount of financial pain? In many cases it was those who were invested in the Bond Market, especially those who were smart enough to invest in the lowly and non-exciting Municipal Bonds.

In simple general terms bonds, especially Government and Municipal Bonds, are one of the safest ways to protect your investment and survive a recession because as prices for other investments decrease, bond prices tend to increase in a recession as does the yield for your investment.

And wouldn't it be wonderful if anything was really that simple, but of course they never are, and investing in the bond market is no exception. There are risks, but the risks are obviously much lower but that sense of security is offset by the amount of time it takes for the bonds to mature. Also all bonds are not created equally and during times of recession while Government and Municipal bonds are very rarely are threatened by defaults the same can not be said for private Corporate Bonds which are obviously much more dependent on a strong economy and during a recession increases the possibility of defaults.

There are of course other factors which make Bond investments either good or better, such as the effect the recent economic volatility created. Traditionally, the standard has most always been Government Bonds, often sold as treasury bills. But with fear actually governing many investments it is now the lowly Municipal and State Bonds that represent the best investment because they are often free of state and local taxes.

The tax exempt status of Municipal Bonds can significantly increase the percentage yield on an investment for those who wish to avoid risk and are willing to take the long view on their investments, trading the potential for higher profits represented by stocks with the safer and tax free security that Municipal Bonds can provide.

Naturally, now that the global recession appears to be easing, the security that Bond investments can provide are less attractive to many who are willing to take greater risks for bigger payoffs in the stock market. But they also have to predict the unpredictable while the Bond market relies on patience instead of predictions.

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