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Bond Market Values

Bond market values are different from a bond's book or current value. A market value is viewed as the bond's value at that present time. It is the price that investors use when they buy or sell bonds on the market. Under normal circumstances, a bond's value consists of the interest received periodically along with the one lump sum when the bond matures. But a bond market value is in effect just a hypothetical amount. The price varies because the market is all about future growth potential. When buying bonds, if the current price, which is the price you would pay for it on the market, is lower than the market price, then the bond is a good investment. However, if the bond's current price is higher than its market value, it makes a bad investment.

When buying bonds on the bond market, investors will use charts to determine a bond's current value and compare it to its market value. The bond's current value is important for investors to gauge whether they should buy the bond or not. The issuer or seller of the bond will often try to display other elements or factors about the bond to make it more appealing to buyers. This is especially true if the bond in question has the potential to appreciate in the near future. Bonds that are at risk of depreciating or defaulting altogether are a harder sale.

The purpose of any investment is to see a return on it. A return is the pay back of the initial investment plus interest earned. Like any monetary investments, there is always an element of risk and bonds are no exception. As a general rule, the lower the investment risk, the lower the return. The greater the investment risk, the bigger the return. But bonds are considered less of a risk than stocks. Stocks do not promise or guarantee a return. It is much like gambling with your money. Bonds, particularly those issued by the government, have a promise to return the investor's money at the time of maturity. And unlike the stock market, the bond market is less susceptible to market swings and fluctuations.

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