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Bond Prices And Yields

Many new investors have a rough time trying to fully grasp an understanding on the bond basics and how the yield is affected. The world of the entertaining stock market fluctuates daily and in some cases it can fluctuate by the hour. This can become very confusing for the new investor to understand and comprehend. Soon the investor learns that when purchasing bonds they are also not obligated to hold the bond or bonds until the maturity date.

However, just like common stock, the savvy individual investor soon will learn when and how to buy and sell without suffering the agony of a major loss to the portfolio. The difference between common stock and treasury bonds is the investor is going to receive face value when the treasury bonds sell. Common stock is always a gamble as to the outcome and many times the investor just hopes to break even.

The treasury bonds do accrue interest and that is where the difference is because without the interest accumulating the treasury bond is of no use. The yield on the other hand is the amount that shows what the return is on the treasury bond. When the individual purchases a treasury bond it is at face value. The yield is the combination of the face value and the rising interest on the face value of the treasury bond.

Keep in mind this will work in reverse as well, so the individual investor must take heed when adding treasury bonds to the already growing portfolio. The yield to maturity rate is what individual investors refer to when they are discussing the treasury bond yield as a whole. When the individual investor decides to hold the treasury bond to the maturity date things may change. Depending on the type of bond will determine the outcome when the market remains in flux.

There will come a day before considering selling the treasury bond and that is when the fees come into play that will diminish to some extent all that the investor is doing. The fees could range between one percent and five percent, but this is on the current value of the treasury bond. Depending on the face value with the accrued yield this may equal hundreds or thousands of dollars. Something for the treasury bond investor to learn and understand before the bond reaches the maturity date.

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