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Tip of the Day Pay Yourself First

Pay Yourself First - Pay yourself first happens to be one of the best financial strategies around to day. We all know how hard it is to put money away,...

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    Canada Savings Bonds Redemption

    From October to April you can invest in Canada savings bonds (CSB). Canada savings bonds have been in existence since 1946 under the name of "Victory Bonds." There are two forms of Canada savings bonds. You can get a Canada savings bond, and a Canada premium bond. Both the CSB and the CPB are backed by the Canadian government. Both bonds are very similar. The big difference between the two bonds is that the Canadian savings bonds can be redeemed at any time of the year. The Canadian Premium bond is only redeemable during one short period in the year.

    Both types of savings bonds are popular. The Canada savings bonds are popular because they are backed by the Canadian Government. You can buy a Canada savings bond for as little as $100. CSBs are a safe investment, and the interest rate can increase with the market. The Canada Premium bond has a higher interest rate, and is very popular also. The CPB matures in 10 years, and the CSB matures in 10 years also. The interest rate on the Canadian savings bond fluctuates according to the market. Canada savings bonds are long term debt instruments issued by the Canadian government. In a sense, the government borrows your money and pays you back in full with interest in 10 years.

    The Canada savings bonds redemption policy is that you can redeem your bonds at any time. You can go to the website mybonds.gc.ca to redeem your bonds. It takes 3 days for the transaction to take place electronically to put the money into your direct deposit. If you request a check, it will take a few more days for the check to be delivered by mail. If you bought a Canadian savings bond through payroll deduction, you may be able to request to redeem your bond online and have it deposited. Canadian savings bonds redemption can be done over the phone also. You can type "Canada savings bonds" into your search engine to get the phone number on the Canada savings bonds website, if you would like to redeem your bond by phone. You can carry your bond to the bank and show your identification and redeem it that way.

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    r medd said:

    this is the worst site to navigate that I have ever been on!!

    fil b said:

    I strongly agree with r medd

    Sue W said:

    Put it back the way it was - unable to find what I want

    L Adair said:

    l went to redemption website as instructed and ended back here

    fred said:

    why do you try to confuse the little guy

    Teresa said:

    Site is difficult to navigate

    gb said:

    tipical gov't site. Confuse the masses

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    Definition of the Day Financial Service Authority ( FSA)

    Financial service authority ( FSA) - It is an independently owned agency that is similar to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in the United States of America. It controls the actions and regulates the financial service industry in the United Kingdom. The Financial service authority was formed in 1986...

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