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Current Bond Market

Current Bond Market is exactly what its name says--it remains on top of all the latest developments in the world's Bond Markets with a total overview of the Global Bond Market. The Bond Market is somewhat different from the Stock Market. The Stock Market is open as a public market for trading of company stock (ownership of shares) and assets, etc. at agreed prices. The Bond Market, which is also known as a Credit, Debt, or Fixed Income Market, is a financial market. In the financial market, these debt securities are usually in the form of bonds which are bought and sold. Bonds become the representation of the amount of money the investor has loaned the particular entity or entities for their enterprises, whether for public or business use. These entities will usually pay interest (coupon rates), a percentage of the face value (or loan amount) for the use of the investor's money,

In 2008 the International Bond Market was an estimated $67.0 trillion and the United States Bond Market debt was $33.5 trillion. Almost all the trading within the United States Bond Market and International Bond Market occurs between broker-dealers and large institutions in an over-the-counter market. This means that trading will take place directly between the two involved parties. Normally, this happens through electronic trading since there is no physical marketplace for the Bond Market. This differs from the Stock Market's exchange trading, or stock exchange, which occurs in facilities constructed for these trading purposes (Wall Street).

The Bond Market usually is referring to the Government Bond Market since most bonds are offered by governmental entities. Government Bonds typically lack credit risks, maintaining fairly stable interest rates. A stable economy, along with stabilized interest rates, will promote growth, resulting in profit increases from the Current Bond Market. As most investors consider the Government Bond Market not as risky as some investment projects, they will continue investing in the bonds and thus, benefit the Current Bond Market, as well.

However, any time there is a rise in the Yield rates of the Current Bond Market, investors will become less likely to invest in bonds since they expect a sudden rise in the cost of long-term borrowing. To renew the investors' interest in the bonds, the bond issuers (or sellers) will offer higher interest rates. With this encouragement, investors will begin purchasing bonds again and the Current Bond Market will once again thrive.

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