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Current Bond Prices

Bonds are thought of as some of the safest investment options available today. Government bonds will hold the backing of the US government, state or local government while corporate bonds will hold the backing of the company. Trading bonds and selling them is another way to make money if you know what you are doing. One essential factor to succeed in doing this is to know the current bond price.

The current bond price is basically what an investor is willing to pay for it. In theory it should lie somewhere between the bid price and the asking price. However there are many outside factors that can influence the current bond price.

The interest rates have a big influence of the current bond price. The bond price will fall as the interest rate goes up. If you hold a bond that offers 5% interest on a fixed rate but the interest rate jumps to 8% then the price of the actual bond will fall because this will be a less attractive option when compared to some others. The reverse however can also happen. Interest rates can fall and suddenly that 5% interest rate is a good investment option. This scenario will increase the value of the bond.

The perceived risk is another factor that can influence the price of the bond. Companies that have offered a good rate of return, have a good performance record can usually sell their bonds for above market value price. Companies that have struggled may have to sell their bonds at a lower rate due to the risk involved. Some may be attracted to the extremely low bond prices that struggling companies can offer but fail to realize that the chances may be slim that they will eve be able to cash their bond in.

Finally, issuing new bonds can affect the value of the old ones. If the new bonds are issued with a good credit rating then the value of all existing bonds should increase. If the reverse is true then the value of the bonds will fall.

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