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Electronic Bond Trading

Traditionally one could purchase bonds directly from the bank or at auction. Now a system is being put in place to allow investors to purchase bonds electronically. As opposed to other forms of investment options, bonds have been lagging behind only allowing purchases via certain methods. Now things look like they might change.

Stocks, mutual funds and CD's have had various ways in which they can be purchased. They can be purchased through a broker, on the floor or electronically. Stocks are also monitored through an exchange such as the NYSE or NASDAQ. Bonds again have only recently showed signs of change.

This change may mean large changes for the bond market. Trading electrically will bring more centralization and stability to those large investors that wish to trade in bonds. The lack of centralization in the bond market previously meant that it was often difficult to gain a specific price or rate of interest for bonds. The aim seems to be to make trading far easier enabling what is known as a buy-side-bond trading desk to exist.

The centralization that electronic trading will bring will help bring efficiency to bond trading as well as stabilize and create a better pricing structure. The trading of bonds will slowly become like the world of trading stocks, shares and other items of liquidity.

For the investor and bond holder it can means a faster pace for trading and the convenience of electronic accounts. Money can change hands at a faster pace and interest rates paid in the same efficient manner. Although investment houses previously were against this form of trading when it came to bonds they are now starting to look upon it with a more favorable option, giving them access to yet another method of trading and creating capital.

Electronic bond trading is currently only being trialed. Similar attempts have been piloted in the past with limited success. The efficiency and speed that this will bring also won't occur overnight as many are still skeptical about implementing such a scheme.

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