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How To Trade Bonds

Stepping into the world of bond trading may seem rather bold to the new investor. One aspect that concerns many new investors is the fact that there is no central exchange for bond trading as there is for stocks. However, once you study what you need to do and get some practice under your belt then bond trading doesn't seem near as frightening or risky of a venture.

The first thing that you will need to do in order to trade bonds is to set up a trading account. As an investor you will have your choice of going with a full service trading brokerage account or an online trading account. Choose according to your level of experience not what may seem most economical at the time. It is also essential that you understand the inner workings of your account. Many investors have lost out on trades because they couldn't open a window or failed to complete some last minute process with their accounts.

You will also need to know how bonds work if you expect to make money. Bonds are purchased at a price and sold at another price. There is also interest attached. Generally you hang onto your bond until it matures in value. If the value has increased then you are entitled to that profit. You as he holder are also entitled to interest payments twice per year for as long as you hold the bond.

When you purchase a bond, the price and the interest rate are set. After that it is up to the financial market to decide how much they are worth. Bonds tend to make money when the rate of interest on loans and savings accounts start to fall. For example, if the rate of interest on your bond was 6% at time of purchase and the rate of interest has dropped to 5%, then the bond has increased in value.

As with any investment, bonds do come with a risk attached. If the company goes bankrupt as a bondholder you take priority over shareholders. However, if the company has no funds then this safety factor doesn't amount to much.

Bonds generally are a good investment for those looking to make money over the long term. Make sure you do your research and purchase carefully.

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