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International Bond Market

The international bond market, also known as the global bond market, is similar to the stock market. The major difference is instead of trading stocks, investors trade what is known as debt securities, usually in the form of bonds. The international bond market trades bonds over electronic trading networks. There is no physical location for investors to gather, such as the stock market's New York Stock Exchange. All transactions are conducted over the counter by internet or by phone. A few corporate bonds are actually listed on an exchange system.

Most of bond trading is conducted by brokers and larger financial institutions. It provides a good opportunity for investors looking for low risk investments. Most of the bonds that are traded are government bonds which have high liquid assets and have a sensitive relationship with interest rates. In fact, the bond market is often used to predict the economy's fluctuating interest rates.

The international bond market allows investors to choose between low risk and high risk investments. This allows a diverse portfolio and a wide range of investment returns. Because all transactions are done electronically, the international bond market is very convenient for investors. It is separated into the primary bond market and the secondary bond market. The primary market is where bonds are sold by the original issuer to private individuals. The secondary market is for investors to sell their bonds to a second investor or financial institution.

Bonds are generally low risk but that is only for people who buy the bond and hold onto it until it matures. The international bond market is risky because when investors sell their bonds before maturity, they are at the mercy of fluctuating interest rates. When interest rates increase, the value of a bond decreases. When interest rates decrease, the bond gains in value. Since interests rates are part of a nation's economy, it makes the international bond market very volatile for traders and investors. But as long as investors deal in the primary market and hold onto their bonds for the duration of their term, the risk is much lower.

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International bond market is one the biggest segment in financial sector. Daily billions of dollars are traded online and they are high risk. I bond seller defaults it will have serious effect on financial markets. Most bond markets trade govt securities.

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