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Investment Grade Bond

Bonds that are considered to be as investment worthy are called investment grade bonds. They are given ratings by investment rating agencies. , "Standards and Poor's" and Moody's are the two agencies that normally do such ratings are. Their ratings are used to indicate the bonds that have a given creditworthiness. Any bond that falls under this category will have a rating of BBB or higher with the highest rating being that of AAA. This is all a standard that is used by investors to determine if a given bond is one that is worth consider for investment purposes. That is why the corporations who issue the bonds try to give them the highest rating possible. They use these bonds as a means to raise funds. And with corporations who have an established track record for success these bonds with high ratings are regarded as reliable and ones that the investor can feel safe in purchasing. Banks have also views such bonds as worthwhile since they have also makes purchases. Basically bonds in general are instruments that can be issued by companies, institutions and governments. And they are generally treated as a reasonable form of investment for those who look to bonds a part of their investment portfolio.

As an investment the bonds issued by corporations are considered more of a risk than those issued by a government. So that will be a factor to consider for anyone who regards risk as important issue. Still the yield on corporate bonds is often more than on the government options so that is a big factor to some that regard yield as a priority. Essentially, this will be an area of investment that will be one for those who find it a better option to person approaching the usual stock options. That is an area where risk can be so unpredictable and tied to so many variables that one can't always expect to be able to see as controllable. So that is why some have looked into the investment rated bonds as their preferred choice when thinking of any type of investment. And for many this becomes a reasonable means to seek the type of option that fits a specific investment need.

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