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Year Treasury Bond Rate

A treasury bond is sometimes abbreviated to a T bond, but if you are thinking about investing in them it is worth finding out more about what you are investing in.

You need to be prepared to invest a certain level of cash in a treasury bond - normally at least $1000. The bond itself offers a fixed interest level which attracts a lot of investors, since you know the interest rate will not go down. Although having said that, it will not go up either.

The most common type of treasury bond you will find is normally the 20 or 30 year treasury bond. In the case of the 30 year bonds you will sometimes see them referred to as long bonds - because of the amount of time they are held for. The treasury bond rate is the amount of interest received on those bonds.

The interest on the treasury bond is typically paid every six months, so you can see that you will be able to look forward to a specific amount of money as an occasional income twice a year if you invest in these. Let's say for example that you have invested $20,000 in this kind of bond and the yearly interest rate is 5%. This means you will receive $500 on two separate occasions during that year, since the total payment of interest on that figure at that rate would be $1,000.

The year treasury bond rates can be found easily by looking online for them. You will notice that figures are given for separate stages in time as well. These will reflect the more immediate stages such as 3 and 6 months, as well as looking ahead to the bond maturity in 10 or perhaps 30 years.

The key thing to remember when you want information on the year treasury bond rate is to look for the length of bond that you want to invest in. For example if you are thinking of investing in a 10 year bond, look for information that is relevant to that particular one. This will make your search for the right bond much easier.

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