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Tip of the Day Stocks First, Bonds Later

Stocks First, Bonds Later - One of the most common mistakes made by investors today is age. Yep, that is right. You should invest in the stock market...

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Business For Sale In Washington

There are various businesses out there that many individuals are looking to purchase and take a lead on. The world compromises of countless businesses that have the potential to fit your personal area of expertise. Tracking them down, however, can be pose a completely different store and plan of action. Looking for a business requires a good load of searching, understanding and consulting. This is required by any one looking to purchase any business any where. Nonetheless, let us narrow down our search to businesses for sale within the Washington vicinity. There are copious amounts of business for sale out there, and the first step to do is to decide as to which sort of type of business you are looking to purchase and begin looking in that specific field. But before that, let us take a look at some current existing businesses that are up for sale within Washington. Keep in mind these businesses are originating from various business fields. It is a random selection.

A internet consulting franchise is currently available for purchase within the Seattle dominion. Its asking price is twenty four thousand, its sales revenues is up to five hundred thousand and its cash flow is up to two hundred and fifty thousand. The owner is also offering free training in terms of managing the business.

A car door unlocking business is for sale within the Spokane, Washington. The asking price for this business is twenty thousand, the sales revenue is forty three thousand and the cash flow is undeclared. The seller claims that working in the business part time offers an income of forty three thousand a year.

A Thai restaurant is for sale in Washington, near the Bellevue locality. The asking price is one hundred and thirteen thousand, the sales revenue is approximately two hundred thousand and the cash flow is approximately thirty eight thousand.

An established and thriving golf business is up for sale in Washington. It's asking price is one hundred and thirty five thousand, the sales revenue is up to five hundred thousand thousand and the cash flow is up to two hundred and fifty thousand. Much more precisely, it is located in the pacific northwest area of the Horizon Golf in Washington.

These businesses are just the tip of the ice berg. Washington has many more available businesses and franchises for sale. Be sure to look as many as you'd like to find the appropriate one for your personal related skills and backgrounds.

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Definition: The symbol for a company's stock. TeenAnalyst Advice: The symbol can represent either an abbreviation for a company's name ("GE" is General Electric) or it can be something totally different.  For example, Southwest Airlines' symbol is "LUV."The longer you've been investing, you'll find that you can recall the ticker symbols...

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