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Tip of the Day Stocks First, Bonds Later

Stocks First, Bonds Later - One of the most common mistakes made by investors today is age. Yep, that is right. You should invest in the stock market...

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Canadian Business Opportunities

It is true that the crisis hit the whole world but you should not think that it is not good time for setting up a new business. The reason is that you could even found a business which may turn out to be a success story in the so called crisis times. This article is purposed mainly for Canadians or people who live in Canada and wonder what line of business they can start with so that they make a good profit. You are going to be given some brilliant ideas about your new business so that you can be very successful.

Let’s start with one of the greatest opportunities which the Canadian market could give, it is a dream of every businessperson. That is the setting up a new media. That could be everything- newspapers, magazines, online newspapers or even a TV program. All you need is courage to invest at least $50 000 (as it depends on the type of media) and believe in your business skills. What research says is that the Canadians love to be informed, they love reading entertaining magazines and watching amusing programs as well which gives you almost a 100%- guarantee for your success. And what is best about that opportunity is that you can really make a fortune if you are good at what you do!

Vending is another business opportunity which is waiting to be grabbed. You may not believe it but you can earn $5000 a month if you have 50-60 vending machines spread all over Canada, especially if they are in big cities such as Ottawa or Montreal for example! It is really worth it founding such a business as the Canadians are pretty much like the Americans and are always in a hurry. That is why they often use the vending machines’ snacks as it takes only a few seconds to get a sandwich or a cup of coffee/tea. And the products are usually much more expensive than in the shop which lets the vending machines’ owners make a really good profit. However, you should also have some money to invest as a vending machine costs around $2000, which makes $100 000 for fifty machines. But you can make sure that in less than a year you will return on your investment!

Those were several ideas for businesses which would be really successful in Canada. If you have enough money to invest, you should not hesitate to found your new business and make a fortune despite the crisis.

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Definition: The symbol for a company's stock. TeenAnalyst Advice: The symbol can represent either an abbreviation for a company's name ("GE" is General Electric) or it can be something totally different.  For example, Southwest Airlines' symbol is "LUV."The longer you've been investing, you'll find that you can recall the ticker symbols...

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