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Tip of the Day Spend Less Than You Earn

Spend Less Than You Earn - To spend less than you earn, basically, means to live within your means. In other words, if you don't have the cash to...

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Ideas For Growing Your Business

Okay, let's recap...you created a great idea, you planned things out, you started your business, and things are going good. What could be better? But even if things are going good, you still want to improve your business to make it the best you possibly can. After all, why would you want to settle for something when you know you can have better? Here are some ideas that will help you grow your business even further:Partner with other businesses

If you're opening up a fast-food restaurant (I know, how many teenagers open up fast food restaurants? Humor me here?), you might want to partner with a local amusement park or sports stadium. In exchange for rights to sell your stuff on their property, you can give them a small percentage of the total sales.Exchange links if you have a siteGo online and find as many websites as you can that have "links" sections. Then tell them that you'll put a link to their website if they do the same for you. It might be a little extra work but before long you'll have dozens of websites sending traffic to yours. And it won't cost you a dime (well, it shouldn't anyway).

Buy another businessIf you've got the money and have a competitor, you might want to buy them out. That way you'll have less competition and more business. Another idea is to buy out a business in a related industry. For example, if you're printing a successful newspaper, you might want to buy a printing business to save on printing costs since the printing business would no longer have to mark up the prices. TeenAnalyst.com is actually the product of a merger. A few years ago, a stock picking website and an educational website merged to form this business.I hope your business continues to be a huge success and if you have any more questions, feel free to e-mail me at cstall@teenanalyst.com and I'll try to answer them ASAP.


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Definition of the Day Diversification

Definition: The concept of spreading your money among a number of different investments in order to reduce risk.  It's the idea that you ...

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