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Repair Credit Services

More than one consumer has had credit problems during their life times. Either by changes in their circumstances or mistakes on credit bureau reports. There are many repair credit services that offer to help to correct bad credit histories. These credit repair services advertise very heavily on television, radio and by mail. The claims of such credit repair services are often not factual and they will not in fact help the consumer. Individuals are warned to be very cautious before retaining the services and actually paying money to any repair credit services.

The Federal Trade Commission has warned consumers to be aware most repair credit services are not able to actually help. They will sound so helpful, but in the end the person is merely left with no change and less money. There are several clues that credit repair services are not legitimate. Some repair credit services will require payment up front for their services. The Credit Repair Act stipulates that no repair credit service can require payment until after they have completed their services. In addition such places will not advise you of your rights or contact the major credit reporting agencies directly.

If any person does follow the advice of a repair credit service that is illegal, the person can risk possible legal consequences. And this will be even worse should the repair credit service get you to use false information on any loan or credit application. If the repair credit service persuades a person to misrepresent Social Security Number under false pretenses it could involve violations of federal laws. Thus it is very important to anyone seeking to consider the use of any repair credit service to not agree to any contract or sign any documents without validating every claim they have made.

There are means available to consumers to actually clean up bad credit histories. Most will take time and effort to overcome any negative credit information. There are free resources available through the internet and other means that can offer realistic ways to help clean up a bad credit history. It won't happen overnight, but it can be accomplished.

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