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Tip of the Day Don't try to Pick Stocks

Don't try to Pick Stocks - Some of us when we have extra money think that we can invest it in the stock market and earn some returns on...

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Therapy Assistant Careers

Physical Therapy Assistants assist the therapist in providing treatments that help mobility get better, alleviate pain, and prevent or restrict enduring physical disabilities of clients who suffer from disease or injury. Patients may include victims of accidents and those with disabling circumstances like low-back pain, heart disease, arthritis, bone fractures, injuries of the head, and cerebral palsy. Physical therapist assistants carry several different tasks. As directed and supervised by physical therapists, components of treatment procedures completed by assistants and aides include: exercises, electrical stimulation, massages, paraffin baths, traction, hot and cold packs, and ultrasound. Physical therapist assistants document and relay the patients' responses and results of a treatment to the physical therapist. Physical therapist aides assist in making therapy sessions useful as they are always directly supervised by the therapist or assistant. Their responsibilities include: maintaining cleanliness and organization of treatment area and ensuring preparation before each patient's session. When patients call for support transferring to or from treatment areas, aides help push their wheelchair or offer their own shoulder as support. Aides don't have the same medical tasks as physical therapist assistants. This is because they are not certified. Physical therapist assistants must earn an associate's degree in physical therapist assisting in order to practice. Currently there are over 250 accredited physical therapist assistant programs in the country. Curriculum varies from program to program, but in addition to the theory and practice of physical therapy, you'll probably study the basic medical sciences and other general education courses. You'll also gain plenty of hands-on experience in a clinical internship.

While physical therapist aides receive on-the-job training, physical therapist assistants usually receive an associate degree through attending an accredited program for physical therapist assistants. Licensure or registration is not mandatory in all states to allow physical assistants to practice. The States that necessitate licensure specify certain educational as well as examination criterion. The State licensing boards can give inclusive information on practice acts and policies. Other requirements may also be certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as well as additional first aid and a required number of hours for experience in practices.

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