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Tip of the Day Pay All Credit Card Balances In Full Each Month

Pay All Credit Card Balances In Full Each Month - It is necessary to pay all credit card balances in full each month to prevent paying extremely high interest rates...

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Business Community College

Due to the economic downturn, enrollment and study at community colleges has increased dramatically. The unemployed or laid off worker is being forced to undergo re-training in order to survive and thrive in this current economic climate. With unemployment rates at the highest levels in years, displaced workers are finding they have the time and the opportunity to pursue the degree they desire. Some feel that the need to be re-trained or learn a new skill will be the only way they can get hired and ultimately support themselves and their families.

A business community college is a great place to learn when changing careers or you want to build on the skills you already possess. An undergraduate degree in business will emphasize business management theory and skills, including communication, leadership, ethics, innovation, technology and problem solving and critical thinking. Other areas of study include sales and marketing and production. Business community colleges offer programs that provide a student with skills, knowledge and competencies that can be realistically utilized in today's work environment. A strong teacher will help the student bridge the gap between business theory and implementation in the real world. Field study and work study can also be a featured requirement before a student graduates. Today's business environment is challenging, to say the least. Acquiring additional knowledge and skills at a business community college will help today's worker meet present day workforce obstacles. The days of working on the assembly line and retiring with a pension appear to be long gone. Higher education and re-training are the answers to the questionable future.

Business community colleges also teach courses on how to study and retain information, how to use and implement this knowledge in a way that will be meaningful in your professional life. Good study skills and time management, not only assist you with your course work, but transfer into your work life. You can better manage your workload and prioritize your responsibilities. Higher learning is not just about formulas, business ratios, outcomes, obtaining computer skills, or effectively communicating, but how and where and when to use and manage this knowledge and these skills efficiently.

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Definition of the Day Coverage Ratio

Coverage Ratio - the term coverage ratio is a type of accounting tool that helps measure a company’s ability to survive and grow.  Simply by comparing the company’s assets (gross profits) and liabilities (expenses) are a form of figuring the coverage ratio. The higher the assets, and the lower...

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