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Keep at Lease Three Month's Worth of Living Expenses in a Savings Account or High-Yield Money Market Account - Because we need to rely on our emergency funds during time...

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College Masters Degree

How much is a college masters degree worth? It is valued at more than $75,000.00 a year, according to a March 2007 report from the U.S. Census Bureau. Adults aged 21 and older with a college masters degree earned an average of $76,689 in 2005, while high school graduates earned $35,448.00. The college masters degree brings an average annual premium of $57,000.00 over a high school diploma.

Community colleges are the gateway to higher education, but the college masters degree offers more employment positions and better quality positions for many individuals. In fact, nearly half of all students' continue their education by enrolling and attending higher education colleges.

Because of the cost with enrollment in the college masters' degree programs and the enrollment accessibility, colleges try to serve large numbers of low-income and first-generation college students. However, to achieve a college masters' degree, students must remain with the programs and course of study chosen. Unfortunately, nearly half of all students who start the college masters' degree program fail to earn a degree or transfer to another college or university within a few years.

The overall focus for a college masters degree is in the designing and evaluating of program interventions. To assist college students remain within the program until its completion. Many of the colleges and universities today are testing reforms within the college master's degree program such as:

  • The changes made to the curriculum and instructions of courses.
  • The changes made to the student services.
  • The changes made to the financial aid supplements.

The early results offered much insight to the curriculum adjustments made to the college masters degree program and improved the course instructions while personalizing the college masters' degree program as a whole. The change made to the college masters degree program was widespread over fifteen states all displaying positive results.

The participating colleges and universities examined student transcripts involved with the college masters' degree program to identify factors that contribute or impede college masters' degree programs in general. This particular study has offered much insight into the direction the new adjustments are headed.

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