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College Investing

Getting through college can be pretty tough, especially when dealing with a number of issues from studying, partying, and trying to manage your money, or maybe the money your parents gave you. It would be a good idea to save a little money now and invest for your future while we are in one of the best economies this country has ever seen?Many students think it's impossible to invest when you're young, simply due to a lack of cash flow. It's really not as hard as you think. Simply take a portion of your paycheck or extra money that you can afford to put aside each week and start saving NOW! Many people throw ALL of their money into a checking account that is earning very little or no interest. Wouldn't you rather put that money in a money market account or a quality mutual fund and watch it grow? Some mutual funds only require a $500 initial purchase and subsequent investments of as little as $50 per additional investment. In the long run, it's well worth it. Take advantage in the power of compounding!

My dad got me started investing when I was very young, but I really didn't pay much attention until I first enrolled in college. I wish I would of started earlier, because I would of made a killing on these technology stocks. Doesn't everyone say this? When I went to the University of Central Florida, I would hang out in the computer lab between classes checking my favorite stocks and doing research from a variety of Internet sources, such as Yahoo! Finance and CBS MarketWatch.com. I would receive a lot of questions from fellow students about the basics of investing and how to get started in the stock market. That sparked the idea of starting CollegeInvestors.com. At first, I used the site to teach the basics of investing, but have recently expanded the site into offering career advice, resume postings, commentary and other fun college stuff for students to enjoy. I also designed the following list below to help students save money for their financial future.

1.) Open up an Online Brokerage Account - For as little as $8 per trade you can invest online and make your own investment decisions. Many online brokers such as Ameritrade (www.ameritrade.com) and Suretrade (www.suretrade.com) require only around $500 to get started. Some even have no minimum to open an account and get started. Be sure to take an online tour, so you make sure you're clicking the right buttons and understanding the market terminology. Most online brokerages even offer great company research to help you along the way to make wiser investment choices. 2.) Get Free Internet Access - Why pay for AOL when most colleges provide free Internet access on campus as well as a free dial-up account? If you want to keep in touch with your buddies that have AOL, download the AOL Instant Messenger for FREE by logging onto www.aol.com. You can easily chose your own screen name and begin chatting away. There are also a number of free Internet service providers such as NetZero, as long as you can stand the banner advertising. 3.) Invest in Microwave Dinners - Why spend lots of cash for meals at sit down restaurants when you can save money by enjoying a delicious $1.50 microwave dinner. Well, maybe not "delicious", but you'll have more money in your pocket to save and invest! Enjoy a cheap meal between classes and study sessions. You can even make a smoothie or protein shake 4.) Remember the Three R's: Ride a Bike, Rollerblade, or Run - Gas is getting very expensive these days and will probably never get any cheaper. Face it, the days of filling up your car for ten bucks are over. Not only will you save money on gas and prevent wear and tear on your car, you get a hell of a workout and lose some of that Freshman Fifteen. Find a motivated buddy to go with and make the journey more enjoyable. A little motivation from a friend never hurt! 5.) Sell Those Used Books, Quick - Make sure you sell your books as soon as your class is finished. I don't mean your first class, I mean when the semester is over, if not a little before. Those professors love to go to new editions, even if your book is the latest version. I've seen this happen too many times. Don't want to wait in those long lines? There are many good online college bookstores including eFollett.com and VaristyBooks.com. So unload, quick! 6.) Get a Job! - Stop wasting time in those chat rooms and porn sites. I know school is tough, with all the studying and partying. OK, well maybe not studying. Just kidding! Find something part time, maybe on campus. Just try to squeeze in a few hours a week. Many campuses need help in their fitness and medical facilities. Many teachers have grant money and a budget that many people don't know about, so how about learning how to create a website and build your teacher a place in cyberspace? They may remember it around grade time also! 7.) Sell Your Baseball Cards - I know it's hard to part with your Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card, but why not put it on EBAY and try to make some quick cash? A lot of us probably have closets full of valuable baseball cards and other dust-collecting collectibles from our childhood. It's getting about that time to grow up, cash in, and venture in the real world. By the way, I could not live with myself if I sold my future Hall of Famer, Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie card, but it's your call. 8.) Burn Your Own CD's - Every college kid needs music, so why not get it for free rather than spending $12-$20 every time your favorite artist comes out with a new song. Invest in a good CD burner and download any song from any artist on the website, MP3.com. We should all thanks this 19 year-old entrepreneur for creating this program and allowing us to be more musically diverse. He has definitely helped out my personal music collection. This is also a great gift idea for people on your Christmas and Birthday list who love music. 9.) Don't Call Your Parents Long Distance - Why waste your money on long distance calls, while you can take advantage of the power of the Internet? There are many free online phone services including DialPad.com, which allows you to dial anywhere in the U.S. for free just by logging onto their site. Another great service I came across and added to CollegeInvestors.com is a voice enabled chat from HearMe.com. My roommate even talks to his parents in Saudi Arabia, which normally costs him around $150 a month. And remember, there is always 1-800-COLLECT! 10.) Drink Less Beer?Or Drink Someone Else's* - At about $3.00 a pop at a local night club, I'd say the average partier drinks about 5 beers a night, which adds up to $15, plus a tip if you're not cheap. Let's say, $30 a week x 52 weeks, supposing you go out twice a week for a year. That adds up to $1,560. If you had invested that in Dell Computers in 1990 you'd be worth approximately $920,000 today. Drink beer or get rich? Life is full of important decisions.


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Ways to invest money said:

We can choose to invest in some kind of education or training course which will make our skills more valuable. Education is always a good investment but we need to have the time to invest as well as the money for the courses and training material, and we have to be sure that our skills are marketable after qualifying. http://www.guidetoinvest.net/

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Investing for the college purposes was so difficult to me. Choosing the best method was so difficult to me. Now I think my juniors or the present generation must know the importance of the investing for the college purposes.

assignment help australia said:

College life is challenging for most of the students because of several reasons. That period is usually very long and tough and students show lot of patience in this duration.

proofread my thesis said:

Ongoing principles with the college/institutions probably guide you throughout their way of how they have been more intended to make you professional.

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investment stock is an art. The best place to get the most present details on the inventory exchange is the Walls Road Publication. As a student, you have a prosperity of sources for study. But today's online details is sufficient to learn how to buy stocks.

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You could check out yourself utilizing one of the mainstream web indexes yet a far simpler path is to go to a pro and make utilization of an online Car Finance Calculator system.

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Essay Tigers review said:

College Investing is not easy job because Investing in college is not a big deal but to run college succesfully is the big deal or task which is most difficult task. For Runing the college must have good experience in the working of Administration and have a good and well qualified team of teachers and office work. You also mentioned some difficulties which normally people face while investing in College.

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here said:

After school studies every student have desire to get enrolled in good college which have name all over the state, the students who get good marks and able to pay college fees they get admission in college. That is wonderful sharing of blog on college investing is valuable.

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Nowadays students face a lot of troubles during their school career

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Daltown University said:

Investing in colleges or for educational institutes is something that should be appreciated as you are working to spread education over the world.

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investment stock is an art. The best place to get the most present details on the inventory exchange is the Walls Road Publication. As a student, you have a prosperity of sources for study. But today's online details is sufficient to learn how to buy stocks.

1z0-066 vce exam said:

My dad got me started investing when I was very young, but I really didn't pay much attention until I first enrolled in college. I wish I would of started earlier, because I would of made a killing on these technology stocks.

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