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0 Credit Cards 12 Months

The competition for clients in the credit card service provision industry is rapidly gaining momentum as several players join the trade. As a result, each and every player is struggling to stand out from the crowd. This is no doubt an advantage to the credit card holder as h is likely to get better services. In any business environment, the laws of demand and supply always reign supreme. The credit card sector is not any exception, as many players compete for the market share, they have decided to improve their cases with the potential clients by introducing 0% credit cards for trial periods as long as twelve months.

In an effort to win more clients, credit card service providers have introduced incentives to lure clients including interest free introductory periods. These incentives makes it possible for any credit card holder who is newly introduced to get a period of trial during which any transfers and transactions are charged at 0%. This is usually meant to make a new card holder to consolidate all his other cards which may be charging higher interest rates.

Advantages of 0 credit cards 12 months

The main advantage of 0 credit cards and a twelve months interest free introduction is the fact that you can have the opportunity to reduce your pending debts. If a credit card gives a full twelve months free transfer period, this will be a wonderful opportunity to repair your credit card scores in case you have had a few short comings in so far as payments are concerned. If you consolidate your debts in one low interest credit card, you reduce the hassle of keeping the time table for payments on all the other cards. In this scenario, you are likely to maintain a clean payment record for one whole year. A clean payment record over a period of one whole year is likely to impact positively in your forth coming credit score making your chances if getting better credit card offers much easier.


The main disadvantage is most likely to arise from the fact that some of the offers of 0% transfer on credit cards usually change into higher rates at the end of the introductory period. In this situation if your debts are not yet sorted out fully by the end of this period, you may find yourself servicing credit card debts at higher rates making it difficult to maintain a clean credit report.

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The credit card balance transfer should be secured in order to transect the fund through the internet as there are some rumors regarding balance transfer, but an adequate and appropriate monitor will help to protect such uncertain incidences.

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When there is an incentive or letting open an offer, there is a chance to increase the number of credit card holders of any Bank in the country.When all the balance transfer and transaction could be done at 0% interest, the credit card holder will be more happy with those credit card.

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