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Tip of the Day Pay Your Bills On Time

Pay Your Bills On Time - We all get behind on our bills every once in a while, but when it becomes a constant practice it starts to cost us...

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0 Credit Cards Balance

Its new 'HARSH' world out there! People with 'less than perfect' credit USED to have choices. Even those with bad credit had SOME choices! But not now! Even struggling car dealerships, with their 'mail-out ad campaigns,' cannot find lenders unless the potential buyer has a credit score of 750 or ABOVE! All KIDDING aside, 'it's gonna take tough choices' to get back to 'good credit' and to EVEN have a CHANCE at a loan. But there is ONE WAY that can put you 'on the road' to good credit...and that is maintaining a '0' credit card balance.

Change the Way You Think...and Give 'Family' the Same 'Re-Adjustment!'

No, it's NOT free! We have a mental 'thing' that happens when we want to BUY SOMETHING...our brain turns to mush and says 'charge it!' The sickness hits everyone! There is JUST SOMETHING about pulling out the old credit card that makes you think "It's FREE!" So replace 'those lying thoughts' with truth..."It's not fee, it will cost a LOT in this economy and DO YOU REALLY NEED IT?" Do 'mental prep' before you go out of the house...decide how to handle 'out of control' kids who cannot leave a store 'empty handed' and be prepared to 'be tough!'

When the 'cards are down' the important things in life are the security and future of your family. Think about how easily that security 'blanket' can be jerked away if you spend too freely on!

Seek Help...Contact a Consumer Credit Counselor

The time for seeking help in today's economic prison was YESTERDAY. So don't waste another minute. All fifty states offer a free consumer credit counseling service with links to other governmental agencies that can help your family survive the 'turbulent financial times.' You will be surprised at how many ideas they have to help you maintain your families financial future and to help YOU build your credit back.

There's NO credit Like '0' Credit!

Experts say to keep or obtain GOOD credit you MUST be dedicated to keeping a '0' credit card balance. Yep...sounds a little like having credit but NOT having it, doesn't it? Crazy...maybe, but TRUE! You can either have the credit cards and NOT use them, or make absolutely SURE you can pay for each charge made every month...in FULL. Doing this with MORE than one card helps doubly well!

Take the '0' challenge to build your credit again! Not only will you help your family but you will also be doing your part toward 'saving America' from certain disaster! No one can 'live' on credit forever without having to 'pay the piper' sooner or later!

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