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Tip of the Day Borrow No More Than 30% of Your Available Credit

Borrow No More Than 30% of Your Available Credit - You should borrow no more than 30% of your available credit each month if you wish to keep your credit...

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Apply Sears Credit Card

Obtaining and using a Sears credit card online is a relatively simple process. Sears have made it simple to not only apply for a Sears Credit Card, but to use it on their Web site as well.

Applying for a Sears Credit Card online is fairly easy to do. After visiting the Sears Web site, located at www.sears.com, the consumer will have a number of opportunities to apply for the Sears Credit Card. Depending on the amount of the purchase, it may be a good idea to do so, as Sears frequently offers discounts to consumers who use the credit card on the site; those using it for the first time may also get another significant discount.

Applying for the Sears Credit Card should not take more than a few minutes. The applicant will need to provide their full name, address and Social Security number, as well as answer a few brief questions about their current financial status. If the applicant does not already have a Sears Credit Card, their application will be processed and a decision given normally within a matter of a couple of minutes. In the event that a decision cannot be made quickly, the applicant will be informed of the decision by mail in a few weeks, along with the reasons for their rejection (if the decision to reject the application is made).

Using the Sears Credit Card online is even more simple than applying for one. The consumer simply needs to go to the Sears Web site, select the items they wish to purchase and click the checkout button once they have completed their online shopping visit. Filling in the credit card information and their address should be enough to complete the order and have the shipping process started. After having used the Sears Credit Card, the consumer should receive a bill in about three weeks (if they are using it for the first time; otherwise, it will come on its previous regular date). The consumer will have the option of paying off the balance at once or over time, though the interest rate may be rather high. In some cases, interest on large purchases may be held over a period of time, giving the consumer the chance to pay it off for the same price as if they had bought it in cash.

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Definition of the Day Enhanced Index Fund

Enhanced Index Fund - an enhanced index fund is strategy term employed to outperform traditional indexing. The fund is aimed at an index (an indicator, representing the value of a security) but the fund is also attempting to boost returns by staying clear of the index in order to...

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