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Apr Credit Card

APR stands for the annual percentage rate on your credit card. This is a specific amount of a fee you will be required to pay on a yearly basis. This isn't of course the only fee you will be paying on your credit card. Your charges and fees will consist of various interests that will only charge more interest if you do not pay your payments on time. It is absolutely vital for every individual to pay off their balances each and every month in order to steer away from a dangerous lump of sum that causes a lot of harm to consumers emotionally and financially. Keep in mind that all penalties and fees will be additionally summed up with your annual interest charges. Nothing is left uncharged in the credit card world, money is wanted everywhere and will be acquired in any fashion when necessary, or really even when unnecessary. Let us look at what an APR really is and how it can affect you as a consumer.

The APR can be charged and summed up differently from every bank. Some may have more charges some may have less. It is usually in the fine print of all your documents, be sure to read the intimidating fine print before you bring any pen to a paper and write down your signature. There are credit card companies that will charge you a fixed interest rate. This means that most likely your interest rate will remain identical to the previous one, however if it is subject to change you will receive a certain amount of days in notice in advance of course. On the other hand, there are companies that have variable interest rates. These rates change due to the generalities, ups and lows, of your credit card balance. There is a prime rate plus a small percentage that makes up your interest rate. Keep an eye out for the prime rates and the small percentage your credit card company charges you.

The APR is very well connected to you as a consumer. You are a credit card owner which makes you subject to being a credit card payer. You will have a certain history and credit score attached to you. Your APR will help determine your financial credibility as well. In summary, if you have a good credit card history, your APR will be much lower. In contrast, if you have a no credit card history or a bad one, your APR will be lower. The rates, plus the individual prime rate, can be from up to 3 percent to 30 percent.

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