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Apr Credit Card Comparison

There are many differences when it comes to credit card cards. They may all look a like but they are vastly different . Obtaining a credit card is a simple process for people who have excellent credit, Although people with no so good credit may get a credit card, it may be an expensive source of credit. Credit cards designed for people who have poor credit will pay fees and higher percentage rates the people who have excellent credit. This is because the credit card issuer wants to make sure they recover some money incase the person defaults on their agreement. They feel the customer may be a risky investment so they attach a annual fee, and higher interest rates to ensure they get some money back they lend. Once the person proves credit worthy in the eyes of the lender, there interest rates may be negotiated , as well as the service charges, and fees. Its important that the person establishes and builds a good credit history with their bank to obtain better rates.

One particular area of fees and generally the main one is, the APR. (annual percentage rate) An APR is the rate in a payment period, multiplied by the number of payments in a year. It sounds pretty simple but with credit cards you have to understand the differences. There are many differences that banks may use when it comes to APR. Some credit card lenders have different rates for cash advances, and purchases. Others may figure in the service fees, late fees at a different , usually higher percentage rate. It make sense to read the fine print and shop around to find the best credit card that's fits your financial situation. This is especially true if you are planning on cash advances or paying off other credit cards. Some APR's are much higher in theses cases, and may be the wrong card for you. Watch out for the cards that offer no payments for 6 months. It sounds good for people who would like a break from their payments , but what they might not realize is that the interest is still compounded.. Compare and shop for the right card, and take in all the considerations such as the APR, for cash Advances, as well as purchases.

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It is very important to know the credit score.Calculating credit card of an individual depends on some external factors. The total cost spent from that card and the payment given for the previous month is an important factor for scoring the credit card.

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