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Pay Your Bills On Time - We all get behind on our bills every once in a while, but when it becomes a constant practice it starts to cost us...

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Bad Credit Cards Instant Approval

Many people with bad credit believe they have put themselves in a position where they will never be able to get a credit card. What they don’t know is there are actually bad credit cards with instant approval available for those trying to rebuild their credit history.

Bad credit cards with instant approval can be found a number of places online, and some are made available by banks or credit unions for their customers. In these cases, the customer must have an established track record with the bank and keep a minimum checking account balance in order to get one of these credit cards.

Bad credit cards with instant approval are more commonly offered by credit card companies that specialize in working with those individuals who have had past credit problems. In order for a consumer to obtain approval for one of these credit cards, they must be able to show a verifiable work history, their income and the amount of debt they currently have. If these numbers are within acceptable parameters, they will receive instant approval for a new card.

Most bad credit cards with instant approval are not ones that a normal consumer would be particularly interested in obtaining. As can be expected, these kinds of credit cards come with a number of drawbacks. Some of them require annual fees or an upfront charge for the consumer to obtain and use the card. Most have low credit limits of less than $1,000. Due to the risk taken in giving a card to someone with a questionable past credit history, these cards also frequently come with interest rates much higher than cards issued to those with better credit ratings.

Due to the economic crisis of the last several years, bad credit cards with instant approval are not as easy to find as they once were. Since a great deal of the economic downturn can be traced to banks extending credit to those with poor credit histories and then seeing those customers default on their loans, credit card companies have become much more cautious in offering such deals. Those offers that are made come with requirements that are a lot tougher than they were a few short years ago.

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