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Canada Credit Report Free

How does one get free credit report in Canada? Well information on this is abit vague, It seems the only utilized way to get free credit report from Canada is only at a fee, but wait darn a minute. Information can be found it all depends on with where you are looking at, Just like in the US there are three major consumer credit report companies that have been mandated by the law to store consumer credit reports and offer them to interested parties.

This consumer credit report companies are,

Equifax Canada: this consumer credit report stores millions of consumer credit report, you can access there website and login with your basic information to get you credit report, in realtime. These site does not ask for any credit card details. Basic personal information is all that is required to get your report.

The contact information is as follows.

Equifax Canada

Tel.: 1-800-465-7166

Fax: (514) 355-8502

Email: consumer.relations@equifax.com


Transunion Canada: Transunion Canada works the same as Equifax, there mandate and purpose is the same however wit this second option, your credit card information is normally required to verify information, Transunion will ask for basic information and Credit card details to verify your identification. They offer services to both former and current resident of Canada, view charges may very on the province one is located

They can be contacted through the following link.

TransUnion Canada

Tel.: 905-525-0262

(except in Quebec)

Toll-free: 1-866-525-0262

(except in Quebec)Tel.: 514-335-0374

(Quebec residents)

Toll-free: 1-877-713-3393 (Quebec residents)

So what we are all learning is that the online option normally charge to get credit report, But guarantees fast and real-time viewing of one's report.

Our main objective is get to find how one can get free credit reports in Canada, this is only possible by using the other way of requesting for this credit reports. And this is by the conventional way.

That's the only way one is guaranteed to get free credit report, it has its shortcomings, these are, reports requested are normally incomplete compared to the ones you will get when you pay a fee, for instance, the credit reports will lack credit scores, and also they may take a lengthy period of time e before they are finally delivered to you.

So if you are a resident of Canada and you wish to get this report, you may have to decide whether you want to pay for them or not, the latter will settle you on a report with no credit score and may take unspecified to to finally get to you, however if you decide to got wit the paid option, your reports will be delivered in time and what more.. they will be complete.

Ordering for the report is not only limited to the internet and mail, but you can also make a toll free phone call, email or simply visit but all in all to get a complete credit report one has to pay for it.

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Often credit agencies a prominent percentage of commission from the financial organizations and others. It sounds good to know about the 0% commission on credit reporting. People definitely get benefit from such deals.

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