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Tip of the Day Stocks First, Bonds Later

Stocks First, Bonds Later - One of the most common mistakes made by investors today is age. Yep, that is right. You should invest in the stock market...

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    Card Credit Disney

    This is a new innovation of the Walt Disney group of products. The card has been established with the combined efforts of Bank One and Walt Disney. The card offers a range of Walt Disney related bonuses for the whole family. With more experience and vast knowledge in the entertainment industry, The Disney credit card is more inclined towards getting you bonuses within the entertainment arena. Its rewards include shopping at all Disney stores, holidays at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort and Disney Cruises among other family packages.

    Credit card Disney's special features

    Unlike most cards in the market, the Disney credit card has a special physical design with the super image of the famous Mickey Mouse o the glittering red background. It can be used by the entire family and has no black out dates on any vacations. Of course this should have been expected given the fact that Walt Disney's main stream business is in entertainment and hospitality. Frankly speaking the card can be so appealing to young stars and college students as it can be very instrumental in their purchase of entertainment stuff in addition to other daily consumer items. The Disney card rewards program is much more dynamic as compared to other cards. The rewards include free entry to any Disney theme park and even purchasing of items while inside the parks and Disney cruises and all other Disney outlets and even online stores.

    Advantages of the Disney credit card

    The main advantage I the Disney credit card is its special focuses on entertainment and the hospitality fro both youngsters and older people alike. For the first time we have a card that offers rewards that can be used in the entertainment sector such as cinemas and even free parking. It is quite clear that this is the ultimate card for any holiday maker as it includes several incentives in this field. Besides the incentives, the card has absolutely no blackout dates in so far as holidaying is concerned. It also charges no annual fee and has a six month interest free travel besides its reasonable interest rates.


    For people who are not so keen on holidays and entertainment, it might turn out as a very bad idea for a credit card. It also accumulates credit card debts simultaneously as you earn your rewards. This therefore calls for a smart check on your purchases lest you find your self in trouble. The lack of an interest free introduction may be a disadvantage as compared to other cards who offer even more than one year free interest introduction for new members.

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    Definition of the Day Delivery Notices

    Delivery Notice - A delivery notice is a communication in some formal manner than informs a buyer of a date for a delivery. Or it may be to inform of a delivery that has actually taken place with details regarding the delivery. This term also is used with the stock...

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