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Credit Card Consolidation

'Zing' it happened...overnight America began using credit cards for everything. For years using credit cards was limited. But it wasn't long until credit providers were 'dishing' out credit to 18 year olds and encouraging 'bonus bucks' for use at grocery stores. It's just TOO TEMPTING to say 'charge it!' That is UNTIL the payment is due and the high interest and fees becomes PAINFULLY clear! Some families in our now HORRID economy have 'hung on' by living entirely from credit cards! If you are STUCK and SCARED, then it's WAY past time to consider consolidation of your credit cards!

One Phone Call Does the Trick!

It only takes making the call to relieve PRESSURE that is killing you! Experts recommend keeping only ONE card and making a debt consolidation plan to AXE the rest! Debt experts negotiate with your lenders, which can lead to lower or NO interest accrued after you begin the plan! Your credit card debt will be consolidated into one payment each month, and you will actually SEE the debt disappear QUICKLY. After beginning a plan you STOP ALL PHONE CALLS from your debtors. This, alone, is a HUGE relief!

Your Credit is preserved

Most people think consolidation will harm their credit, but according to debt counselors, it actually does the opposite! Lenders LIKE someone who takes 'the bull by the horns' to pay-off and END their debt problems WITHOUT filing bankruptcy! Without the huge 'burden of interest' it is possible to pay off a $30,000 debt in just a few years! Your required payment is usually much lower than you think and is much easier than worrying about FIVE.

Choose Wisely When Seeking a Provider

The internet is full of providers who promise most anything to get your business. But BE CAREFUL when choosing a consolidator because there are 'crooks' who are taking advantage of America's credit card problem! Many providers are based OUTSIDE of the United States and they don't have to LIVE BY American law! They may also 'fall short' in negotiation ability! But there is GOOD NEWS. The United States Government provides a FREE service in all fifty states! For almost any type of credit problem, including credit card consolidation, see the Bureau of Consumer Credit Services available online today. You will find a counselor there to help you with most ANY emergency need even, links to governmental assistance in other areas!

Credit card debt can be staggering before you notice 'you're in trouble!' But one call is all it takes to be not only ON YOU WAY TO DEBT freedom, but relieved from nightmares of 'debtor's prison!'

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