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Get the Most Bang for Your Airline Miles - Just because you are taking a holiday doesn't mean you shouldn't shop around. You may have plans to visit a...

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    Credit Cards Pre Paid

    Can having poor credit ratings apply for a credit card? The answer is a resounding yes, prepaid credit cards are available to all people, all you need is to identify a bank that has this product. A prepaid credit card has features same as a debit card, it will work the same al though with some slight differences

    A prepaid credit account is opened by depositing funds into an account checking or saving account in this case, after that you are issued with a prepaid credit card that can be used anywhere be it at the ATM, hotel or at the shops, you will never use credit that's above your deposit at your account so there is no worries of overspending. Once you exhaust your money you can always deposit more at the ban to continue enjoying the services.

    This seem to be a very good choice than the secured credit card, there maybe similarities but also striking difference are present. First, a secured credit card can allow you to use slightly much than what you have in your account, in some cases your spending and repayment habits are reported to credit bureaus. With prepaid crdit card non of this happens, you strictly us what you have at you account. Differences also occur in application, when applying for a prepaid credit card there is a setup fee, that's charged to your account. You are also charged when you exhaust and deposit new funds, charges for setting up these accounts can range from 5 to 10 dollars.

    In order to open an account that will give you the results that you desire, you will have to shop around to compare rates from different banking institutions, you can develop a shopping check following these list.

    Card application- some providers will charge, and others may waiver if you deposit certain amount of money

    Monthly service charge- get to know what charges you will be paying monthly

    Cash loading fee- some providers will charge if you deposit fresh money onto your card, see if the banking institution charges, if you are not keen you may be charged double every time you top up.

    Also check information on these, rates on ATM withdrawal, Account termination fee, card renewal fee, Card replacement, customer call helpline, purchases and internet transaction cost, inactivity fee.

    Look for prepaid credit cards with overall maintenance fee, focus on the reload options, can you manage it online, is your provider available 24hrs? Get information on these before you finally settle on any service provider.

    Let your primary intention guide you in selecting prepaid credit card, for example do you need a prepaid credit card for travel, or is it for your children.

    A prepaid credit will also call for good management, the fa

    ct the you have one does not mean you go on misusing your funds, yes, its your money and you will manage it properly.

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