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Get A Credit Report Free

The consumer reporting companies give maximum of one credit report per every twelve months free of charge. Getting the free credit report simply requires you to fill the application with your personal details as required. There are about three different methods of requesting for your credit report. The most common way used is the online method where you simply logon to the annualsreditreport.com website and filling the necessary information. Although the U.S based consumer reporting companies only provide one free credit report in twelve months, there are specific situations where an individual may be entitled to more than one credit report within the twelve months stipulated. This is in cases such as your credit card being subject to a law suite or criminal investigations. If somebody accuses you on matters pertaining to your credit card, you are entitled to make a request for your credit card report from the consumer reporting companies even if you had already exhausted your single chance per every twelve months. This will be done free of charge.

Special request for a free credit report

The above situation is mostly applicable in the U.S. in other countries such as Canada for example, the consumer reporting companies are obligated to provide you with your credit card report as many times as you may want as long as you make a written application for the same. It is also important to note the fact that the requested report can only be of a printed copy and delivered by postal mail to the applicant's dress.

The Canadian government acknowledges the importance of credit reports and credit scores to its citizens. In this light, it does release a free publication known as 'Understanding Your Credit Report and Credit Score". In this publication the government includes samples of credit reports and credit scores and outlines guidelines aimed at educating people on the importance of the two as well as how to go about filling the forms and responding to any matters that may revolve around the subject.

Other situations that may make you eligible to a free credit report In the U.S is when you are unemployed and you are trying to secure a job in the coming 60 days. An inaccurate report that may have resulted out of frauds or cases involving identity theft will also warrant a free credit report from the consumer reporting companies. People living on welfare are also eligible to extra credit reports. If you need an extra credit report under any other circumstances that do not guarantee free credit report from the credit reporting companies, you may be charged up to $10.50 for a single extra report from any of the reporting companies.

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Oh man, you have no idea how much you have helped me out be letting us know about this free credit check. I barely get the time to check my credit anyway and now, I can do that for free. It's solved a lot of my problems.

Oscar awards best actor said:

Credit report is something that I don't understand a lot about. First of all, how it exactly is made and what are the fundamentals that go in to it? I want to understand all of that in detailed information.

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