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Government Credit Report Free

You can obtain your annual credit report free from authorized entities. www.AnnualCreditReport.Com is the mandated online source by the federal law to issue free credit reports. You can have a free credit report annually, from three agencies and they are TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. The Fair Credit Report Act has authorized these three agencies for issuing free credit card reports nationwide. Nonetheless, many have made complaints against sources that provide them with free credit card reports with hidden charges. For this reason, you are warned to get only the service of authorized sources for obtaining your free credit card reports.

Your request for a free credit card report can be made online, or by email, or even by calling. When you surf AnnualCreditReport.com, you can get the tel. number to call for a free credit report. You can request an annual Credit Report by filling the relevant form and mailing it to Annual Credit Report Request Service as well. In whichever way, you can opt to have all three reports at one time, or have them one by one. When you opt to receive the reports separately, it will give you space to monitor relevant credit reports more often on an annual basis.

You have to look at your annual credit card reports, as these are needed when you apply for credit, employment, insurance or renting properties. If there are any malfunctioned errors, that too can be found with free credit card reports. Whenever you see errors on your credit card report, you have to report them to the agency or the information provider to take necessary action. In case of identity theft, you have to make a complaint to the relevant authorities regarding the theft as soon as possible.

The Federal Trade Commission regularly seeks public ideas on possible amendments to the rule of annual file disclosures. These new laws will impede faulty advertisements that popularize free credit card reports which are not authorized by the federal law. It will also deal with the difficulties consumers face when obtaining the free credit card reports amending them with easy steps.

Since there are many free credit card reporting agencies, the public have been well warned not to link to unauthorized sources to obtain theirs. These types of agencies may make faulty credit card reports at your request and you will be placed in a difficult situation as a result when dealing with your businesses.

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directv choice package said:

Is that safe? I donât think it is a good idea to go to some private firm to get my annual credit report. Shouldnât I be getting it from my bank? I donât even think that it is legal to hire someone else for doing this.

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