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No Credit Check Mobile

A mobile phone is a common accessory in the United States these days, being so common that they are sometimes considered as standard as a watch. However, getting a no credit check mobile phone is not the easiest thing in the world to do.

If someone is looking to get a mobile phone with no credit check, they had better be prepared to pay a little extra or settle for less of a product than someone who goes through the credit check process. If someone consents to a credit check and fills out an application, it is possible that the mobile phone company will waive the connection fee and not require a down payment to activate the new phone. If the new customer is not willing to consent to a credit check, the mobile phone will probably cost a good amount upfront--if the cell phone company is even willing to do business with the customer. In most cases, there will be a security deposit that the customer will have to pay, which could be as much as several hundred dollars, depending on the cell phone in question.

There are some smaller mobile phone companies that are willing to sell their phones and set up a service plan without a credit check for the mobile phone. In these cases, however, the user will likely get a cell phone of less quality, without a plan for replacement if the phone is lost or damaged. Also, it is quite possible that the phone will not be the most modern on the market, and may be one or two generations behind. These companies will also require a down payment up front from any customer who does not want to take part in a credit check for the mobile phone.

While there are companies willing to sell a mobile phone without a credit check, the consumer will likely face limitations including less air time, extra costs for texting and a limited calling area. Still, having that first cell phone may put them on the way to improving their credit enough to get a better one the next time.

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