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    Valid Credit Card Number

    If a consumer is going to use a credit card for a transaction, especially by telephone or online, they must have a valid credit card number. Having a valid credit card number is more than just having the right 16 digits of the major number; you must have additional information as well.

    In past years, having a valid credit card number was as simple as having the primary 16 numbers. With the increase in credit card and identity theft over the last decade, security measures taken by credit card companies have made the use of credit cards by those not authorized to use them have made using a valid credit card number more important.

    The defense mechanisms that are now included as part of a valid credit card number make it very important to actually have the card on hand when making a transaction. When using a credit card in a situation where it cannot be seen by the seller, such as online, there are additional questions asked to the buyer to make sure that they are using a valid credit card number. One of these questions has to do with a three-digit security number, found on the back of the card. Credit card companies now include these three-digit codes as part of a valid credit card number and, if they are not put in by the supposed buyer, the sale will be rejected. With an American Express card, the security code is four digits long and can be found in the top right hand corner of the front of the card, not on the back.

    Another part of making sure the buyer is using a valid credit card number is the expiration date of the card. All transactions now require the expiration of date of the card to be included. If the expiration date is not included, the result is the same as a missing security code—the use of the card will not be permitted.

    Trying to use a card without a valid credit card number can result in criminal prosecution if it is indeed done illegally. In order to cut down on these crimes occurring, security measures on credit cards today are a great deal tougher than they were in the past.

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    malik said:

    i like this

    girl said:


    Suck my B@ll$ said:

    i hate this!


    THis is wrong evry time I went into my bank account more money was gone that I didn't spend I wen't on google to search what could be going on and on another site like this one I found my credit card number with all the info and my name and my home address was on it and different ways to hack my bank

    halleluyah said:

    bless u

    laweh said:

    i need credit card

    Christopher Fazzino said:

    I will like to purchase good credit card from you...But i need discovery, American Express, and master card testing from you.

    jeff said:

    i thought u said there are credit card numbers here and where are they?

    pop t said:

    am in need of a valid master card with the pin..in other to work..compensation fees goes to anyone that can help me out with it...

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    y6fg said:

    thank you

    chrissy said:

    that card number does not work whats up?

    sam said:

    wath is the security code

    mike said:

    lol that is not valid it doesnt even have 16 digits

    i am awesome girls are better said:

    i need a visa card with a working cvv,experation date and working card number please

    montana said:

    email me at tjmontana13@hotmail.com if you want real shit.

    badada said:

    Where Did u get That Valid Credit card!

    ur mom said:

    visit http/www.teenbiz 3000.com to get credit card numbers from my website fuck this website

    MIKE said:


    kacy said:


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