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Bad Debt Consolidation Loan

The foreclosure rates are currently through the roof because consumers used their homes as collateral to go on vacation, pay down other debt or make improvements to their homes. By stealing money from the equity of their homes, as the economy turned south consumer faced owing more than the home is worth. This sticky situation has become the norm in some areas of the country.

One of the alternatives many consumers have pursued is a bad debt consolidation loan. They are taking their debts –credit cards, medical bills, lines of credit, etc. – and creating a bad debt consolidation loan that is secured by the equity in their homes. This is a way to get out of debt if you can afford the payment, if you have positive equity in your home and if you are committed to controlling your spending in order to get out of debt.

One of the major problems with this approach to debt management is that people who consolidate debts are often poor at money management. Often, they see the bad debt consolidation loan and reduction in monthly debt payments as a way to get started down the same road again. The reason for bad debt consolidation is to reduce expenses and not to go into further debt. This is not a solution for money management problems. It is a way out, and you have to be committed to cutting your spending and managing your money for this strategy to work.

When considering a bad debt consolidation loan, you should always consult with a trusted financial advisor. These counselors can take an overall look at your debt and financial situation and give you guidance on whether a consolidation loan that involves your home’s equity is a good strategy for you to take.

Because of the recent financial crisis, many shady companies are touting their services as financial counselors or debt relief. Instead, these companies are promising to take a fee on every account you owe or charge you high interest payments and ruin your credit. Entering into certain credit counseling agreements can be just as bad as filing bankruptcy while spending even more money.

Be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau on any company that you intend to get financial advice from because they will have records of complaints and recommended agencies.

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