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Don't try to Pick Stocks - Some of us when we have extra money think that we can invest it in the stock market and earn some returns on...

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Microeconomic Theory

The division of microeconomic theory is concerned with the study of personal decision-making divisions within an economy: a consumer, firm, or industry. Unlike macroeconomics, microeconomic theory looks at how individual markets work and how individual producers and consumers make their choices and with what consequences. For simplicity, microeconomic theory begins by investigating a market in which there is perfect competition, a theoretical state that exists only when no individual producer or consumer can empower the market price.

In the real world, there is always imperfect opposition for various reasons (monopoly practices, barriers to trade, and so on), and microeconomic theory examines what effect the microeconomic theory have on wages and prices. Underlying the microeconomic theory and other concerns of microeconomics is the innate view of optimality, first advanced in the 19th century. The insight of the most efficient state of an economy, when there is no scope to transfer resources without making someone worse off, has been of great influence.

Based on the invisible hand of the market, the market movement proposes a general microeconomic theory of investments under the framework of neoclassical microeconomics. The microeconomic theory requires minimum postulations and allows investors to have time-variant and heterogeneous investment utilities and expectations. Microeconomic theory prescribes a set of stationary and dynamic microeconomic theory in General Capital Asset Pricing (Theorems and) Models - collectively labeled as GCAPM. GCAPM shows that the quality of capital market equilibrium is only as good as the quality of its member investors.

GCAPM unifies currently seemingly conflicting modern finance microeconomic theory and connects them more closely to real-world finance. GCAPM independently derives a set of new CAPM paradigms under its heterogeneous world and shows that Sharpe's CAPM paradigms are alive and well. The most obvious misinterpretation of the microeconomic theory is the widely accepted CAPM beta risk premium hypothesis, which wrongfully asserts that holding higher-beta-risk assets should generate higher ex-post returns. Microeconomic theory, an unusual curve is a graph showing a multitude of bundles of goods. That is, at each point with the microeconomic theory curve, the consumer is indifferent to the effects and has no preference.

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