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World Economic Growth

The world economic growth will slow to 1% in 2009 down from 2.5% this year as the financial crisis disrupts and the world economic growth may even narrow if stimulus packages prove too little too late, a U.N. report noted.

The world economic growth situation report contains issues expressing the dismal display of worldwide economics in the past few years. International stimulus packages with regards to the world economic growth is to limit the impact of a dwindling market in Western economies on poorer countries. The developed market economies entered into the recession during the second half of 2008.

The future world economic growth forecasts compare to global growth rates of 3.5& to 4% from 2004-2007 and the report expresses the world economic growth environment for the developing countries had deteriorated sharply after the early contentment. The world economic growth slowdown has expanded to developing countries and to the economies of other global nations.

A financial fiscal stimulus coordinated for the world economic growth among various major economies would stave off the worst of the crisis. However, it would not prevent a significant slowdown of the global economy. The promotional United Nation's goals in regard to the economic growth on reducing the extreme poverty, has been overshadowed by the massive financial crisis of the world economic growth and the standoff between rich and developing states

The remaining state of disclosure within most of available world economic growth Western leaders, as well as the heads of world economic growth with the International Money Fund or IMF and the World Bank, has raised countless questions on how much the conference can accomplish. French President Nicolas Sarkozy was the only Western leader to attend the meeting to discuss the world economic growth, prompting leaders of rich states for not attending in greater numbers.

The report urged stronger government control of world economic growth of financial market institutions, adequate international liquidity provisioning, an overhaul of the international reserve system and more inclusive world economic growth governance to prevent future crises. The cost of external borrowing and lending has since developed sharply for developing countries.

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