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Tip of the Day Don't Borrow from Your 401(k)

Don't Borrow from Your 401(k) - Investments should always be long-term and yoru 401(k) is no different than any other investment. The returns are on the long-term investment, so...

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Capitol One Auto Finance

Capitol one auto finance has been in the auto finance business for a long time and has the experience and knows how to run the business with the clients’ interests at heart. For many people owning a car is a dream that needs some cooperation between the finance company and the aspiring car owner together with the auto dealer to realize.

For the necessary financing in the purchase of new and used cars, capitol one has all sorts of packages that will give the client the flexibility to choose whichever option meets their demands. The repayment plans are also variable depending on the clients’ choice. The interest rates charged on any financing package are different and will vary according to the value of the car and the package applied for. At capitol one, the financing of automobiles does not cover cars only, instead it covers the purchase of motorcycles as well. The main advantage of going for a capitol one auto loan is in the delivery time frame.

If you make your financing application online from capitol one, you are always served within the day and your loan will be approved or rejected within a few minutes. If your application gets to the company past normal working hours then you will always get your application sorted out at the beginning of business on the next business day. This makes it very easy to apply and get service within a short time even in the case of an emergency. With the speedy service delivery at capitol one, you will always be assured of quick service. To add on to the quick service that the company offers, the interest rates are another reason that should see you getting to deal with capitol one auto finance.

Capitol one has a payment option in the name of a blank check which is given to the client on successful application for the loans. This blank check will enable you to pay the car dealer his/her full value for the car at once thus giving you the freedom of any interests that would have been charged on you if you were to buy the car in installments. Capitol one finance rates start from as low as 5.99% and there are options for refinancing incase you have the need. Refinancing rates start from 7.45%APR which are determined by your personal application. All these in addition to the blank check should make capitol one the ultimate auto finance partner.

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